ZX Spectrum Next Issue 2 blasts through Kickstarter goal

The next issue of ZX Spectrum 2

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ZX Spectrum Next Issue 2 is a completely redesigned version of the original 1980s computer

ZX Spectrum, a new remake of the 1980s British computer, surpassed its crowdfunding goal in just two days.

ZX Spectrum Next Issue 2 raised nearly £ 900,000 – well beyond its £ 250,000 target – with 28 days of fundraising remaining.

So far over 2,500 supporters have contributed to the project.

Issue 2 is an updated version of an earlier ZX Spectrum Next, funded via Kickstarter in 2017.

More than 3,000 units of that version were produced, the latest of which was shipped earlier this year.

ZX Spectrum Next Issue 2 will include updated hardware like a faster processor, double the memory, and a high-resolution mode, although its computing power is closer to the retro console than modern high-end computers.

Remanufactured computers allow players to use the original game cassettes if they wish, rather than emulating the games purely via software.

Both the Next and Next Issue 2 models were led by London-based developer Henrique Olifiers, co-founder of game producer Bossa Studios.

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Remanufactured computers are designed to have superior graphics to the original ZX Spectrum.

A developer community has embraced the ZX Spectrum Next models, which means new games continue to be made for the classic computer, says retro gaming enthusiast David Douglas, who runs the RoseTintedSpectrum YouTube channel.

Mr. Douglas, who backed the new Kickstarter project, says his passion for the spectrum is in part due to the unusual style and tone of the original games.

“A lot of the games were very British, which you don’t get today,” he says.

He adds that he was inspired to shell out £ 325 for the project to secure a slightly more advanced version of ZX Spectrum Issue 2 because he was aware of the success of the previous Kickstarter.

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Game developer Henrique Olifiers led the remake projects of ZX Spectrum Next

“This time around there is a lot more confidence in what it will actually produce,” he says.

Not all ZX Spectrum themed crowdfunding programs have done so well.

The Vega + console, a separate project that was crowdfunded through Indiegogo, failed to meet expectations and as a result manufacturers lost the right to use the “ZX Spectrum” and “Sinclair” brands.

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