Zoom has been banned from government business in Taiwan

Zoom has been banned from government business in Taiwan in the most recent setback for the hugely popular video-calling program.

It follows revelations that a Zoom traffic was”wrongly” routed through China, which doesn’t recognize Taiwan’s independence.

Taiwan’s government said public bodies shouldn’t use products with safety issues”such as Zoom”.

But competitors such as Google and Microsoft were okay, it said.

Zoom has been banned
Zoom has been banned

Last week, researchers found that some traffic in the video-calling program was sent through Beijing – even when all participants on the Zoom telephone were in North America.

The group from the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab also emphasized that Zoom has several hundred workers in southern China, which”could also open up Zoom to pressure from Chinese authorities”.

Zoom reported the traffic was”wrongly” routed through Beijing and apologised.

Regardless of the answer from Zoom, Taiwan has advised its public institutions to use other applications.

Where possible, national solutions should be used, it said, adding that in particular conditions, Google or Microsoft’s programs were acceptable. Those companies operate the Duo and Skype solutions respectively.

It’s the latest blow to Zoom, which has exploded in popularity throughout the coronavirus pandemic, leading to increased scrutiny.

Its ease of use has seen it embraced by companies, individuals, as well as the UK cupboard for remote meetings.

In its report, Citizen Lab’s researchers also said Zoom used non-standard encryption, and cautioned that it might not be acceptable for authorities or companies worried about espionage.

Zoom, meanwhile, has promised to enhance its safety and privacy features.

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