Zombillénium on France 4: which musical group is associated with this animated film? – Cine News

Zombillénium on France 4: which musical group is associated with this animated film? – Cine News

On the occasion of the evening broadcast on France 4 of the animated film Zombillénium, a look back at the collaboration between the directors and the French rock group Skip the Use.

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At the origin of Zombillénium, a series of Franco-Belgian comics by the designer Arthur de Pins. While he is developing the feature film with director Alexis Ducord, the two men are preparing a test version in order to show the aesthetics of the film and thus better sell it. This project gives the clip of Nameless World, song signed by the French group Skip the Use and released in December 2013.

The video immerses Mat Bastard, leader of the rock band, in an animated version in the macabre and fantastic universe of Zombillénium. It tells of the arrival of his character, Sirius, at the famous amusement park that is discussed in the film and is precisely used as pilot / prequel to the feature film. “They were thrilled with the idea of ​​making the pilot of the film and their clip at the same time“says Arthur de Pins.”We didn’t have a huge budget and only 4 months to do it so the quality is not what we currently have on the film but it allowed us to have a visual reference and solve some technical problems.

Mat Bastard’s involvement did not stop there since the artist resumed his role as rock’n roll skeleton in the feature film, whose songs he also composed and performed. A long-term collaboration, as the main stakeholder told us during the presentation of the film at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017: “I started composing music five years ago, when nothing was yet drawn. So I had to base myself on comics, then animatics. So some scenes were drawn on the music, but there were songs that we had to put in the right format and adapt to the film. “

In the featurette below, Mat Bastard talks about his dubbing experience:

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