Zoey and her incredible playlist on Warner TV: what to expect in season 2

Zoey and her incredible playlist on Warner TV: what to expect in season 2

Starting this Tuesday evening, Warner TV will broadcast season 2 of “Zoey and her incredible playlist”. On this occasion, find out what awaits you in this new series of episodes.

Warner TV is launching season 2 of Zoey and its incredible playlist on Tuesday, June 1 at 8:55 p.m. This series unlike any other, a clever mix of Glee, New Girl and This is us, tells the story of Zoey (played by Jane Levy), an intelligent but unsocial young woman who can suddenly hear the thoughts of the people around her. … in music.

On this occasion, a quick overview of what awaits you in this new series of episodes.

A difficult reconstruction

At the end of season 1, Zoey and her family were faced with the death of the Patriarch, who had suffered from a degenerative disease for several years. They will therefore, in this season 2, be looking for a new balance and will have to face what is now their new “normal” after this tragedy.

Zoey will therefore try to rebuild both professionally and personally. His mother, embodied Mary Steenburgen, will have to learn to manage her landscaping business on her own, while David (Andrew Leeds), her brother, will do everything to be a good father and a good husband.

Who will Zoey choose?

The end of Season 1 left viewers on a cliffhanger, as Zoey was in the midst of a love triangle. Who will Simon (John Clarence Stewart) or Max (Skylar Astin) choose?

If in the first episodes, the young woman seems to have made a decision, however, she will quickly realize that she must first rebuild herself before being able to embark on a lasting relationship.

Sergei Bachlakov / NBC / Lionsgate

Jane Levy and Skylar Astin

New characters

Who says new season, necessarily says new characters. Harvey Guillén, an actor discovered in What We Do in the Shadows, will play George, a new programmer from Zoey’s team who will struggle to find a place at SPRQ Point.

Alvina August, who played Lady Constance Blackwood in The New Adventures of Sabrina, will play a journalist who will befriend Simon, while Felix Mallard, aka Marcus Baker in Ginny and Georgia will play a childhood friend. by Zoey. Katie Findlay (How to Get Away with Murder), David St. Louis and Jee Young (Santa Clarita Diet) will round out the cast.

A big absent

Bad news for fans of the series. Lauren Graham, who played Joan, Zoey’s boss, will only be present in the first episode of this season 2, her character having been a collateral victim of the Covid pandemic.

Austin Winsberg, showrunner of Zoey and his incredible Playlist, explained in an interview with TVLine the reasons for this absence: “When Lauren signed on to reboot Les Petits Champions [de Disney+], filming was supposed to start in March, and ended well in advance of the start of season 2 shooting. “

“But because of the pandemic, and the way it all turned out, their filming schedule ended up being exactly the same as our show.. ” The actress therefore had to make a choice between the two …

Sergei Bachlakov / NBC / Lionsgate

Jane Levy and John Clarence Stewart

A still heady playlist

Zoey’s strength and her incredible playlist undoubtedly remains the music used in the different episodes.

And this season 2 continues on its very good momentum since it will offer us rereadings of “Say something“from A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera,”I Want to Break Free“from Queen or”Starships“by Nicki Minaj (who we remember had been sung in Season 3 of Glee by Alex Newell, aka Mo in Zoey and Her Amazing Playlist). And like in Season 1, each song will reflect the deep feelings of the person making them. interpreter.

Find Zoey and her incredible playlist starting tonight at 8:55 p.m. on Warner TV.

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