Zoey and her incredible playlist canceled: the actors and the creator mobilize to save the series - News Series on TV

Zoey and her incredible playlist canceled: the actors and the creator mobilize to save the series – News Series on TV

NBC has just announced the cancellation of “Zoey and her incredible playlist”, a musical series with Jane Levy and Skylar Astin, at the end of season 2 which has just ended in the United States.

Zoey’s cast and her incredible playlist may have performed their last song. NBC, the channel which offered the series in the United States, has just announced that it is not renewing it for a season 3.

The move comes just 3 weeks after the Season 2 finale that left fans on a steep cliffhanger. If Zoey and her incredible playlist did not benefit from extraordinary audiences when it was broadcast on the shelf, the musical series nevertheless performed very well on the internet.

It was once considered that the series would be offered on Peacock, NBC’s streaming platform. Unfortunately, the latter has decided not to continue the adventure for a season 3.

But all hope is not lost for fans: Lionsgate Television, the series’ production company, and Austin Winsberg, its creator, are looking for a new home for the drama. Austin Winsberg has also launched a call on Twitter so that fans mobilize for Zoey and her incredible playlist by launching the hashtag #saveZoeysplaylist.

Ok. Here we are. The news is out. NBC / Peacock have decided not to order another season. We can discuss this later. But for now, I refuse to believe the show is dead“he tweeted on Wednesday.”There is too much love and goodwill and the support from the fans is incredible. Now here is what i need“.

He continues: “JI believe we can have a real chance elsewhere. But the more fans support us, the better. Please tweet #saveZoeysplaylist. Let’s make it trending so that the people who decide will know that the desire is great. We are also open to any other suggestion to prove your love.

He also tagged cast members Jane Levy (Zoey), Alex Newell (Mo), John Clarence Stewart (Simon), Skylar Astin (Max), Mary Steenburgen (Maggie), Andrew Leeds (David) and all the others so that they also participate in the movement.

The Max performer, who can now also hear people’s thoughts, also reacted on twitter, referring to the end-of-season cliffhanger: “What am I supposed to do with this power now?”.

As for Jane Levy, who incidentally received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the series, she wanted to thank the fans for their support, which allowed the hashtag #SaveZoeysPlaylist to be number 1 in trends on Twitter at United States.

As a reminder, Zoey and her incredible playlist follows Zoey, a smart but associal young woman who is suddenly able to hear people’s thoughts… in the form of songs.

If the first season saw Zoey use her talent to communicate with her father, suffering from a degenerative disease, the second deals with the mourning of the computer scientist and her family following the latter’s death.

Despite her seemingly light tone, Zoey and her incredible playlist manages to accurately deal with sometimes delicate themes, such as the end of life, depression or racial discrimination. A clever mix between Glee and This is Us, the series shone with its originality, which allowed it to quickly gain a solid fan community. It remains to hope that they will manage to save the series …

Season 2 of Zoey and her incredible playlist is currently broadcasting in France on Warner TV.

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