Zelda: why the Netflix live-action series will not finally see the light of day

The subject of rumors a few years ago, the live-action series “Zelda” developed by Netflix will not finally see the light of day. Why was the project blocked by Nintendo teams?

Zelda: why the netflix live-action series will not finally see the light of day

A Zelda live-action series on Netflix, it’s hard to imagine a project with greater potential. However, exciting as it is on paper, the announced show ultimately never saw the light of day; no official communication had also confirmed that the adaptation of the cult video game would indeed be ordered by the platform. Was it just a rumor? For the American influencer Adam Conover, who returns to the subject in an interview with the Youtube channel The Serf Times, the answer is as follows: the project did exist, before being suddenly canceled by Nintendo!

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The decision to block the series project Zelda was allegedly taken by the Japanese company after the announcement of the project leaked to the press; upset that the grass has been cut from under their feet, Nintendo leaders will therefore have preferred to simply cancel the adaptation rather than validate its development. Conover’s comments are not based on any official source, so it should be reported in the conditional and not as truthful information, Netflix and Nintendo have not yet wished to comment on these revelations.

There is no doubt, however, that the news will delight fans of the game skeptical of the idea of ​​discovering the hero Link in the guise of an actor in live action!

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Adam Conover’s video:

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