Yuku and the flower of the Himalayas at the cinema: why this musical will enchant…

After Le Parfum de la carotte, Arnaud Demuynck and Rémi Durin are lifting the veil on a new, gentle musical, to be discovered in theaters today. A story of learning and adventure that will charm young and old!


• Once upon a time : On top of the highest mountains on Earth lives a plant that feeds on the most perfect sunlight. It’s called…the flower of the Himalayas. Yuku leaves her family to go in search of this flower with eternal light. She wants to give it to her grandmother who has announced that she will soon have to leave with the little blind mole in the meanders of the earth.

But to find it, there is a long journey to travel, strewn with obstacles. You have to cross the terrible domain of sewer rats under the castle, the meadow with cruel and voracious crows, the enchanted forest where you get lost. And, above all, the little bridge of fear, which is guarded by the wolf! But on his journey, thanks to his music and his songs, Yuku will make many friends. They are the most precious asset to succeed in the adventure of life.

Yuku and the Himalayan Flowera film byArnaud Demuynck and Remi Durinin theaters today.

• What they will love: Intrepid heroine, full of joy of life and resolutely optimistic, the little mouse Yuku takes us with her and her ukulele on an ambitious journey, from the basements of the castle where she lives with all her family, to the top of the highest mountains on Earth. All for an honorable reason: to find a flower to warm the heart of her grandmother, unfortunately very tired.

After The Scent of Carrot in 2014, Arnaud Demuynck and Rémi Durin opted once again for the musical comedy genre. Playful songs punctuate Yuku’s various encounters throughout her journey and allow everyone to introduce themselves. If the music softens manners and succeeds, at least for a short time, in softening the most disturbing predators, it above all gives the opportunity to each protagonist to show their true face and what they are deep down inside. .

Yuku and the flower of the Himalayas at the cinema
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Catchy tunes that will appeal to children, as well as adults, thanks in particular to a rich vocabulary and lyrics that stay in mind. Not to mention the many riddles recited throughout the film that will appeal to everyone’s mind and reflection!

A true learning story, Yuku and the Himalayan flower also charms thanks to its aesthetics which seem straight out of the pages of a sublime storybook, and which will certainly remind the youngest of the reading sessions shared with their parents. or those around them.

• What may worry them: The few predators encountered by Yuku at home and during her expedition, such as the cat, the crow or the wolf, may frighten the little ones, but seeing them confide in music makes them much less hostile.

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The state of health of Yuku’s grandmother, extremely exhausted and exhausted, is nevertheless likely to affect the children, although the subject of death is treated with subtlety thanks to the story of the little blind mole. .

• What they will keep inside them: This luminous musical comedy highlights above all the importance of kindness and benevolence towards others, even those who can sometimes be scary at first sight, like the rat or the vixen. The bonds of friendship that Yuku forges with the different characters she meets during her journey will turn out to be much more essential than she could have imagined, and thus help her in the smooth running of her adventure. .

Yuku and the flower of the Himalayas also reminds us that the journey is necessary and indispensable, much more than the destination. Here he allows Yuku to open his horizons and his heart to feel even closer to his grandmother.

1666161034 640 Yuku and the flower of the Himalayas at the cinema
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Discover Yuku and the flower of the Himalayas in theaters today.