Yu Yu Hakusho The Movie on DNA: what is this film derived from the famous manga?  - Cinema News

Yu Yu Hakusho The Movie on DNA: what is this film derived from the famous manga? – Cinema News

The DNA platform is now adding to its catalog the film “Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie”, derived from the famous manga by Yoshihiro Togashi (“Hunter x Hunter”).

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It’s summer vacation, Yusuke and Kuwabara indulge in their favorite pastime: brawling. But those moments of relaxation are cut short when Botan announces to them that Enma Jr. has been kidnapped. The ransom his kidnapper demands is none other than the Golden Seal, a magical object so powerful that King Enma could be deposed if ever taken from him. Helped by his friends, Yusuke has little time to save Enma Jr. before he is precipitated in floods of hot lava …

Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie based on Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga – Available on DNA

In the world of manga, Yu Yu Hakusho is a special series in more than one way! Bestseller of preprint magazine Weekly Shonen Jump During her heyday in the early 90s, at the time, she formed an invincible trio with Slam Dunk and Dragon Ball.

In his autobiographical book Jump – The Golden Age of Manga, the former editor-in-chief of the magazine Hiroki Gotô commented on the immense popularity of Yu Yu Hakusho to the female audience thanks to the broadcast of the animated series. A craze that had an impact on the sales of the manga volumes, whereas previously the impact of a series was noted on the weekly broadcast of the chapters of the series in the Jump. A balance of power therefore reversed, which had initiated the beginning of a whole new era in the manga industry.

Real major work of shônen manga, Yu Yu Hakusho has only 19 volumes (available from Kana editions, new Star edition from July 9). Never mind, since its author Yoshihiro Togashi then made himself known with two other successful series: Lift it first of all, and then especially Hunter x Hunter, still in publication to this day with a starving rate of publication.

Studio Pierrot

Released in 1993 in Japan, Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie is a short film of 30 minutes, following a completely new adventure compared to the manga. Not therefore fitting into the canon of the series, the feature film has the dual characteristic of being a complement to the anime for fans, but also a gateway to discovering the universe of the license for neophyte spectators.

Which audience is intended for Yu Yu Hakusho ? To fans of fighting first of all, the series offering some fights considered as anthological by fans of shônen manga. But much more than just an action anime, Yu Yu Hakusho captivates above all by the complexity of its characters, and first of all the atypical personality of its hero Yusuke, a bad-boy with a big heart who contrasts with the traditional image of the hero.

The animated series and the film Yu Yu Hakusho can be found now on the DNA platform.

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