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Pink aesthetic


Pink color has experienced a rollercoaster journey in popularity over the years. Originally considered a ‘boy’ color, it has most commonly been associated with hyper-feminine and girly aesthetics. It has also undergone major criticism, often tied to a ‘mean girl’ or ‘dumb blonde’ trope. However, it has since undergone a radical transformation, reclaimed by people who wish to celebrate its beauty. Today, pink holds no gender and doesn’t stick to the status quo, so why should you? Whether you enjoy monochrome ensembles, you love the ’80s, or you want to unleash your inner Regina George, there is something here sure to inspire.


What is Lovecore?

Lovecore is the celebration of nostalgia and feelings associated with love. With its highly visual nature, it primarily features pink and red, hearts, and Cupid. This trend began with the romanticization of Valentine’s Day in the ’40s and ’50s when the teenage generation emerged and started to rebel. Sub-cultures surround the relationships and themes of Shakespeare’s works, the courting of Byronic heroes in Victorian times. You can also find overlaps with Anime and Angelcore. Some of the staple pieces in this aesthetic include heart prints and shaped accessories, puff-sleeved dresses, crop tops, and plenty of pink, red and purple.


Pink Aesthetic Outfits

Hot Neon Pink Aesthetic

Making a statement is easy when you’re wearing something as bold as hot pink. This bright shade is eye-catching, fun, and an excellent way to brighten up your wardrobe. Put a modern twist on a classic pair of trousers and turtleneck, both in the vibrant neon shade – break up the color with your favorite white or blue heels. Complementary hues for this ensemble include blue and green, however, don’t be afraid to try a ‘fashion faux pas’ like red or purple. This will add complexity and depth to an already exciting outfit.


Hot neon pink


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Dusty Pink Aesthetic

Exude elegance and sophistication in a dusty pink ensemble. This soft and subtle hue is loved by many, thanks to its versatility. For a high fashion feel, wear a matching set of silk or satin pajamas and add a belted blazer in a matching tone. Finish it off with a pair of killer nude heels, and a shoulder bag. Another great way to showcase this palette is by mixing and matching complementary shades into the outfit. It’s a wonderful option to wear at the office, dinner with friends, or in a mini photoshoot for your Instagram. Who knows, this may be your new go-to getup.


Dusty pink


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Soft Pastel Pink Aesthetic

Nothing says ‘delicate’ quite like pastels. The soft and buttery undertones of this pink make for the perfect spring or summer outfit, and there are many different ways that you can style it. Cardigans, polo necks, and button-down shirts all look incredible in this light shade, and you can interchange them with different silhouettes on the bottom for a versatile look. A pair of wide-leg jeans and a bucket hat will provide major Y2K aesthetics in more casual settings. However, if you are heading out to a concert, a late-night event, or you want to feel fancy, try your hand at something monochrome.


Soft pastel pink


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Pink and Blue Aesthetic

As opposite shades on the color wheel, it is no surprise why this mix is so cute. Blue and pink match each other perfectly, which means you can find a great mixture of shades to work into your outfit. Give a Y2K spin with the go-to outfit, ‘jeans and a cute top,’ with wide-leg denim, a cardigan, and a cropped cami. Bonus points if you find one with a strawberry, heart, or cloud print. If you’re feeling a bit more boho chic, you can fuse the hues in a pastel palette and add a third tone, too. Pick something between the two, such as lemon yellow, which evokes feelings of warmth and sunshine. To channel a street style aesthetic, combine a hot pink blazer with royal blue bicycle shorts – break it up with a white T-shirt and chunky sneakers for balance and unity.


Pink and blue aesthetic


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Pink and White Aesthetic

Spring is in the air, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with pink and white. This color combination is light, fluffy, and oh-so-pretty, any time of the year. Opt for a shade such as rose, peony, or blush for a beachy and floral style. However, a more bold and vibrant tone is an excellent option for those who aren’t afraid of turning a few heads. Shake things up with an oversized blouse and high-waisted slacks – keep the lighter shade on the bottom for a fresh feel. A popular choice for those who love aesthetics is a classic tennis skirt, and a cropped tank top, and chunky sneakers – a micro shoulder bag and tinted sunglasses will instantly hark back to the Y2K era.


Pink and white aesthetic


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Pink Glitter and Sequin Aesthetic

Fun fact: Everything is better with glitter. No matter the event or occasion, there is always a time where you can rock a bit of sparkle, so why not do it with pink? For a subtle approach to the bling, try a top or skirt that offers a touch of twinkle – a pink T-shirt with blue jeans is a great option for a casual setting. If you’re ready to go all out, wear a shiny suit. Try one in a soft shade of blush, lemonade, or dusty pink, and break up the monochrome look with a bodysuit in either black or white.


Pink glitter and sequin aesthetic


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Cute Pink Aesthetic

As one of the most popular aesthetics at the moment, this cute style is sure to cause a stir. Pink is one of the colors that is commonly associated with adorable things, so you can easily mix and match the shade with different parts of your outfit and achieve the look. Get a pink aesthetic style with a tweed mini skirt, cropped tank top, oversized hoop earrings, and massive chunky white sneakers – a monochrome wash will instantly elevate the ensemble. For a more delicate look, a matching set in a soft shade with frills or lace is sure to impress. Add a pair of delicate heels and quirky sunglasses for a finishing touch.


Cute pink aesthetic


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Aesthetic Pink Clouds Aesthetic

The sky is the limit with this cute outfit – literally. Cloud prints are super sweet and versatile and look great in combination with a variety of different styles. Upgrade your go-to spring ensemble with a soft pink sweater with the print, and add some chinos or jeans for a laid-back and casual feel. You’ll be dancing up a storm in a raspberry or bubblegum gown, covered in the fluffy pattern. There’s no better way to celebrate the beauty of the skies, rain or shine!


Aesthetic pink clouds


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Pink Vintage Aesthetic

Take yourself back to another decade by channeling a vintage aesthetic with a pink palette. Whether your inspiration is Edie Sedgwick, Rita Hayworth, or Marilyn Monroe, every decade has its own interpretation of this shade. For those who adore the mod scene of the ’60s, try a hot pink shift dress à la Twiggy – alternatively, you can lean into a more classic look, such as a pair of black capris with a pink cardigan or boat neck top. The ’50s had so many different silhouettes that you can choose from, so seek inspiration from some of the biggest film stars of the time. Many wore designs by Oleg Cassini, Edith Head, or William Travilla, often adorned by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor. Of course, the classic designs of the ’40s – pencil skirts, fitted and boned blazers, belted waists- are a timeless option that would make waves today.


Pink vintage aesthetic


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Pink Baddie Aesthetic

Show your followers how much of a baddie you are in one of these pink outfits. Depending on the core aesthetic that you follow, you can mix and match various pieces to create a multi-dimensional and cute ensemble. Keep it simple with a pair of lace-up trousers in bubblegum and cropped racerback singlet – add a pearl necklace and tinted sunglasses to unleash your inner Bratz doll. Show the world what you’ve got in a fur-trimmed bustier and satin pants – keep the entire silhouette in a similar shade to create the illusion of an elongated figure. Typically, you would stick to staple pieces like faux fur, body-skimming tops, oversized pants, and plenty of accessories.


Baddie fashion aesthetic


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Grunge Pink Aesthetic

A combination of various aesthetics, this pink style is a blend of goth and pastel grunge. Featuring both chains, studs, butterflies, and bows, it is a perfect combination of two distinct trends that you can wear all year long. The light and dark colors work well with mini tennis or plaid skirts, and you can keep it casual with a baby tee, off-the-shoulder top, or singlet. If the temperature drops, add some fishnet tights and a long-sleeved jumper to keep you warm. Keep your hair in a pair of plaits, pigtails, or straight – extra points if you dye half of it blonde and the other half black or brown.


Grunge pink aesthetic


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Soft Girl Pink Aesthetic

Put a gentle spin on the Y2K and TikTok trends with this soft girl aesthetic. Pink is one of its primary staples, meaning you can switch things up and maintain the core of the style. Key elements of this fashion are a crop tops or bralettes, tennis skirt, capri pants, and denim. Blend multiple shades, like lilac, lemon, mint, and baby blue, but you can also try out a duo chromatic ensemble, such as pink and white. Play around with different silhouettes that make you feel cute and comfortable.

Soft girl pink aesthetic


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Lovecore Pink and Red Aesthetic

We are head over heels for Lovecore, because it’s easier than ever to wear your heart on your sleeve. Large patterns, soft tulle, and plenty of pink and red are key elements to this aesthetic. While its inspiration stems from nostalgia, such as the ’50s, there are plenty of ways to update it to your closet. Elevate your everyday ensemble with a pair of pink trousers and a cherry-red sweater – this outfit is tugging at our heartstring! Unleash your inner romantic by showering your dress in kisses, hearts, or roses. Every day will feel like Valentine’s Day when you wear something this lovely.


Lovecore pink and red aesthetic


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Pink Floral Aesthetic

Pink is often associated with the explosion of florals that spring has to offer. This delicate and soft combination is the perfect way to celebrate the warmer months, and it comes in so many different styles that you can find something that you love. Trousers and skirts with the petal pattern look great with light knits or linen – it’s also a major throwback to the ’80s films; think Pretty in Pink. For a more high fashion feel to the ensemble, pair a blooming ball gown with a longline coat in a matching shade to the dress. Finish the look with chunky lace-up boots in a similar hue or even military-style for a harder touch. This trend is pretty groundbreaking, if we do say so ourselves.


Pink floral aesthetic


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Pink Butterfly Aesthetic

One of the biggest trends that came out of the ’90s and ’00s was butterfly print. From Gianni Versace-inspired crop tops to a Betsey Johnson slip dress, this style is back and bigger than ever. A super cute white cardigan with an array of pink butterflies looks adorable with a pair of wide-leg jeans and sneakers. Channel your inner mod with a pair of go-go boots and a bell-sleeved two-piece – the revival of the ’60s style was a huge influence in the fashion of the ’90s and continues to this day.


Pink butterfly aesthetic


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What is the black and pink aesthetic called?

While it depends on the shade of pink you are wearing, the most popular aesthetic associated with these colors is pastel goth. This trend is all about mixing soft and ‘girly’ features with a more traditional goth style. This trend’s prominent elements include muted colors like powder pink, rose quartz, and rose, mini skirts, fishnet tights, and chunky boots or sneakers.

What is the prettiest shade of pink?

This is entirely up to you. Pink is one of the most versatile colors and can work with a wide range of varying shades, which means that the hottest shade purely depends on the trend and your personal preference. For more than five years, Millennial Pink was featured in most fashion, home decor, and pop culture, but has slowly started to fade in popularity. In its place has sprung shades such as lemonade, pastel, and rose gold, which feature throughout fashion, jewelry, handbags, and even tech.


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