You picked up on CANAL +: who are the teens of this French-style Sex Education?  - Cinema News

You picked up on CANAL +: who are the teens of this French-style Sex Education? – Cinema News

The comedy T’as pécho? is now available on MyCanal, the opportunity to focus on the teenagers who carry the film on their shoulders.

T’as pécho tells the story of 15-year-old Arthur. The latter falls in love with Ouassima, who does not even look at him … While he has never sinned, she goes out with Matt, the handsome kid from college.

To approach her, Arthur gathers a bunch of single losers and offers to give them fishing lessons, at 10 euros a lesson. In the changing rooms of the swimming pool, then begins a long intimate and collective training on “girls and love: instructions for use”.

The director Adeline Picault came up with the idea for the film because of an obsession she has had since adolescence. “I am humanly fascinated by those who claim, on a subject as moving and poetic as love, that there is only one and right way to do it.

How can we be so assertive when love escapes all law? “, asks the filmmaker. To encompass these earthy teenagers, Adeline Picault called on several talented young actors.


Paul Kircher, son of actors Jérôme Kircher and Irène Jacob, gets his first role on the big screen in T’as pécho. Paul seduced the director Adeline Picault with his singularity. “He is moving, almost cartoony, and endowed with a poetry that escapes him.

It’s not common to come across a boy of this lunar age, with such a rich inner world. The stake was to succeed in anchoring Paul in the ground, and to make so that it is integrated in a band. I framed it a lot. “

Marine Danaux

Paul Kircher, Max Fidèle, Théo Gross and Renély Alfred


Inès D’Assomption starred in a few short films before being spotted by Adeline Picault. She offers him the first female role of T’as pécho, the very frank Ouassima.

The filmmaker was amazed by her cinégénie, her instinct in the game and her vulnerability. “I worked in casting then muscular on the set the authority that she did not have in an innate way”, confides the director.

Marine Danaux

Inès D’Assomption


Renély Alfred stood out in 2017 by giving the reply to Kad Merad in La Mélodie. He played Arnold, a shy schoolboy who discovered a real passion for the violin. In T’as pécho, he plays the role of Guigui, one of Arthur’s best friends.


After a theatrical training and participation in 2 short films, Théo Gross made his first steps in cinema in Les Bonnes intentions by Gilles Legrand, alongside Agnès Jaoui.

He also participated in the series L’Effrondrement for Canal +. Adeline Picault then spots him and chooses him to lend her features to Aubin in T’as pécho.


Max Fidèle is spotted during a wild casting at the Foire du Trône in Paris. T’as pécho marks his first foray into the world of cinema. He embodies the character of Samir.

According to Adeline Picault, the difficulty for these budding actors was to play characters who, between the beginning and the end of the film, gained confidence, while they did not shoot the scenes in order.

“It requires great discipline. The preparation time being relatively short, we mainly rehearsed the fishing lessons. On the set, I asked the adults, the actors as the technical team, to help them give the best. and to spare their modesty.

This required a fairly strong framework and rigor. Turning in a jersey is not easy. The costume designers told me about each other’s concerns. Emmanuel Gomes de Araujo, my first assistant, those of the boys. In a way, we distributed the affects and the confidences to reassure them “, explains the director.

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