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You is back in force this Thursday with a season 4 broadcast in two parts. Change of country, change of life and change of look for Joe: this mini-reboot is a total success.

The author of this article had access to the two parts of season 4, which she judges in its entirety… without any spoilers of course!

What is it about ?

New year, new country, new identity, new beard (we love it!)… Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) becomes Jonathan Moore in season 4 of You, a popular literature professor who wants to stay away from women. But despite this new chapter that opens up to him, the hero seems irremediably caught up in his past. The bodies pile up and the hunter then becomes hunted…

A reboot that hits the mark

When Netflix renewed You for season 4, we wondered what the writers of the series were going to tell us again. After a too long and uninteresting season 3, the platform seems to have changed its strategy with these new episodes.

First change first: this new salvo will be released in two parts. The first five episodes will go live this Thursday, February 9, and the next five on March 9. A strategy that does not have more fans but that allows the series to be more collected and more exciting.

The writers have chosen to expatriate Joe abroad in order to breathe new life into the series. New characters, new settings and new dynamics. In Season 4, Joe becomes the target and obsession of a mysterious person. Who is she ? What does she want from him? We’ll have to wait until the end of episode 5 to find out (otherwise it’s not funny!).

While our hero had promised himself to put himself away, he is obliged to return to the game and lead the investigation. A screenplay choice to say the least refreshing, after 3 seasons of seeing Joe obsessed with a woman so that she ends up four feet under at the end. Because You would not be You without the psychopathic side of his character, we reassure you by telling you that Joe will quickly fall back into his ways by falling (again) in love.

With its season 4, You once again becomes the addictive series that we know, with its cliffhangers and script twists. Part 2 also reserves a small reversal of the situation which reshuffles all the cards. If you liked season 2 with the arrival of Love (Victoria Pedretti), then you are bound to love these new episodes. And you will wonder after watching how the writers can go even further than that…

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