You on Netflix: a date and a bloody teaser for season 3

You on Netflix: a date and a bloody teaser for season 3

Netflix gives us an appointment on October 15 to meet the son of Joe and Love in season 3 of You. A first teaser has been unveiled.

You on netflix

You on Netflix

Would you like a piece of the cake? Netflix has just unveiled the first teaser for Season 3 of You, the hit series centred on mad bookseller Joe (Penn Badgley). She will be back on October 15, to the delight of fans.

Even if we do not see any image of the new season in this video. It already gives us two valuable pieces of information: Love and Joe are therefore expecting a little boy named Henry. And if our hero is to be believed, he hopes to educate his son … so that he does not become a psychopath like his parents (still happy).

We do not yet know what this season 3 will be talking about, but we can already say that it will not go well for the two “lovers”. Joe has indeed discovered the true face of Love (Victoria Pedretti), and at the same time, he seems to have liked their new neighbour… What will be the price of this new obsession?

See you in a month and a half to find out.

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