Yellowjackets, Kaamelott, Black Box, Kamikaze…: the CANAL+ program for March

The return of King Arthur, the first film dedicated to Black Widow, the thriller event with Pierre Niney, the series of which Stephen King is a fan, the Nine Guys by Emma de Caunes… CANAL+ celebrates sunny days with a program that will inevitably gather !

Yellowjackets, kaamelott, black box, kamikaze…: the canal+ program for march

Find all these films and series on myCANAL and on CANAL+.


Black Widow – Friday, February 11

MCU fans: don’t miss Natasha Romanoff’s arrival on CANAL+! Discovered in the Avengers films, the heroine played by Scarlett Johansson lifts the veil on her origins in Black Widow. Released on July 7 on the big French screens, the film tells us about the past of the Black Widow and also presents its second incarnation: Yelena Belova, camped by Florence Pugh.

A feature film by Cate Shortland that takes us on a journey across the globe, from Ohio to Norway, via Budapest. More than 2 hours of breathtaking action and carried by a starry cast, with David Harbour, Rachel Weisz, Ray Winstone and the revelation Ever Anderson who is none other than the daughter of Milla Jovovich.

Black Widow, from February 11 on myCANAL and CANAL+.

Black Box – Friday, February 18

A real favorite with the public with more than 1 million admissions at the box office and nominated in 5 categories of the César 2022, Black box is Yann Gozlan’s new thriller. After a writer in An Ideal Man, a motorcycle pilot in Burn Out, we are immersed in the life of Mathieu Vasseur, an agent of the Bureau of Investigations and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety.

Played wonderfully by Pierre Niney, this conscientious technician is propelled chief investigator of an unprecedented air disaster: the Dubai-Paris crash in the Alps. While he meticulously analyzes the black boxes of the device, Mathieu will realize that the hypothesis of the terrorist irruption put forward at the origin might not be the real cause of the accident…

Black Box, from February 18 on myCANAL and CANAL+.

Kaamelott – First Part – Friday, February 25

15 years after the events at the end of the series, Kaamelott – Premier Volet brings Arthur (Alexandre Astier), Guenièvre (Anne Girouard), Perceval (Franck Pitiot), Karadoc (Jean-Christophe Hembert), Bohort (Nicolas Gabion) to the big screen. ) or even Dagonet (Antoine de Caunes), but also actors never seen in the series like Clovis Cornillac, Guillaume Gallienne and even Sting.

First film to cross the 2.5 million admissions mark in France since the start of the pandemic, thus surpassing Tenet’s record, the film opens on a kingdom of Logres under the yoke of Lancelot, while the resistance trying somehow to get organized. It is at this moment that Arthur finally makes his grand return to the delight of his faithful knights, and the misfortune of those who betrayed him…

Kaamelott – Premier Volet, from February 25 on myCANAL and CANAL+.


Yellowjackets – Season 1 – 2 episodes every Thursday

After winning the hearts of Americans, the Yellowjackets phenomenon is on the move in France! Already available on myCANAL and broadcast at the rate of 2 episodes per Thursday evening until March 31, the series is an adaptation of Her Majesty the flies. We discover the fates of a women’s football team which, in 1996, is the victim of a plane crash.

To survive, all of them will have to defy their psychological limits and commit irreparable acts. 25 years later, and while they thought it behind them, the past of these women will suddenly resurface. A series to devour without moderation, in which we find Melanie Lynskey (Don’t Look Up), Juliette Lewis (Born Killers), Tawny Cypress (Heroes) and Jasmin Savoy Brown (The Leftovers), without forgetting the presence of Christina Ricci ( Sleepy Hollow).

Yellowjackets, currently myCANAL and CANAL+.

Kamikaze – Wednesday, March 16

Presented during the last edition of the Series Mania festival, Kamikaze shone the light on its main actress Marie Reuther, winner of the prize for female interpretation. We discover her in the guise of Julie. At the age of 18, this rich young girl on whom everyone smiles sees her life turned upside down after the death of her parents and her brother in a plane crash.

Now on her own and unable to grieve, she will embark on a dangerous journey, both physically and psychologically. Adapted from the novel Muleum by Erlend Loe, the 8 episodes of the 1st season are as thrilling as they are fascinating, with a striking soundtrack and photography.

Kamikaze, from March 16 on myCANAL and CANAL+.

Nine Guys – Monday, March 21

After Nine girls in February 2021, Emma de Caunes persists and signs 9 new snapshots of life… but this time of men! Taking place in the same building as the original series, this new Décalée Creation and this time carried by Yannick Renier, Thomas VDB, Baptiste Lecaplain, Arthur Dupont, without forgetting the presence ofAnthony of Caunes !

As she had done so well with the girls, Emma de Caunes manages to explore all the facets of a guy through chosen moments, from a teenager facing his English teacher to an osteopath who blocks his back , from a husband helping his wife spice up their sex life to a bachelor having to convince his mother that he is not gay…

Nine guys, from March 21 on myCANAL and CANAL+.


An ordinary Spy – already available
A Tour at my daughter’s – already available
The Judgment – already available
The 2 Alfreds – Tuesday, March 8
Maternal Instinct – Wednesday, March 9
Archipelago – Tuesday, March 15
Blue Scare 3 – Wednesday, March 16
C’est la vie – Saturday, March 19
The Toll – Monday, March 21
Nomadland – Wednesday, March 23
The Man Who Sold His Skin – Saturday March 26
The Suicide Squad – Wednesday, March 30


Better Things – Season 5 – Ongoing US Time
The Tower – Monday, March 28
This is going to hurt – From Thursday, March 31

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