Xtreme on Netflix: what is this ultra violent Spanish thriller?  - Cinema News

Xtreme on Netflix: what is this ultra violent Spanish thriller? – Cinema News

Ultra violent Spanish thriller available on Netflix, Xtreme tells the story of the limitless revenge of a former hitman ready to do anything to kill the person responsible for the death of his family.


Two years after the murder of his son and his father, a former hired killer carries out a finely orchestrated plan of revenge against the murderer: his own brother.

The Bourne Ultimatum

After the short film Extremo in 2006 of which he was the hero, actor Teo García co-wrote the screenplay for a feature film adaptation of the same name. Xtreme is directed by Daniel Benmayor, a Spanish filmmaker who has already proven himself in his country by directing several action films.

Xtreme is a fast-paced action thriller about how a former hitman, helped by his sister and a troubled teenager, takes revenge on his half-brother Lucero (Óscar Jaenada). The long, ultra-violent introductory sequence shows the reasons for the anger of Maximo (Teo García), considered a son by his boss.

This proximity provoked the jealousy of Lucero, only son of this baron of the Spanish mafia. The latter wants to be the head of a network that brings together the Russian, Chinese and Spanish communities established in Barcelona and kills his father, as well as all those in his path, in an attempt to seize power. Maximo’s son is one of the collateral damage from Lucero’s attack.


After two years of preparation, Maximo finally puts his plan into action with the help of Maria (Andrea Duro), the adopted daughter of Maximo’s former boss. In his quest for revenge, the former hired killer embarks in spite of himself Leo (Oscar Casas), a troubled teenager and drug dealer, whom he will take under his wing and for whom he will develop an almost paternal attachment.

The plot of Xtreme combines all the ingredients of a high-powered action thriller: drug trafficking, mafia clans, the quest for revenge, family history and fight sequences. Without lacking humor and a small dose of emotion, Xtreme relies on its escalation in violence to hold the viewer in suspense until an explosive final.

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