Xiaomi vs Samsung: Here’s who you think will remain on top

Xiaomi vs Samsung: Over the last few months, Xiaomi has made significant progress. It was recently able to surpass Samsung as the top-selling smartphone in the world. This is the biggest proof of its success. This is a significant achievement compared to where Xiaomi was only a few years back.

Xiaomi’s rise to the top was possible because of many factors. In this article, Hadlee Simons, my colleague, discusses some of the reasons that Xiaomi has experienced such a meteoric rise. We wanted to know if our readers thought that Xiaomi would be able to maintain its market-leading position, given the success of Xiaomi in beating Samsung. Here are their votes and the results.

Xiaomi vs samsung
Xiaomi vs samsung

Are you positive that Xiaomi can keep up with Samsung?


Our poll was voted by 1,421 people to let them know their opinions about Xiaomi’s ability keep the number one spot in smartphone sales. The company is trusted by 66.6% of voters, who believe it will keep its title. Samsung has been left behind. 33.3% of respondents doubt the Chinese OEM will be able sustain its lead over Samsung.

Some readers pointed out that Xiaomi phones don’t receive software updates for as long as Samsung smartphones. This could be a problem for Xiaomi. Users also complained about the lack of availability for Xiaomi in the US.


Gaylord Foacker. Samsung continues to fall behind with their phones. They have dropped their second largest series, the Note, and are making cheaper materials. The margin would be even greater if Xiaomi were as readily available in the States as Samsung’s offerings.

Stanley Kubrick: If Xiaomi brought their phones to America with the same pricing as now, then yes, they could easily remain on top…for a few more years until they become arrogant like all companies do when they are too successful. They will be replaced by another company.

Patrick Mac:

After a few years of use, there is an excitement at getting a cheap Xiaomi device with snappy MIUI. Then there is that feeling of ‘What’s next?’ This is the area where Xiaomi needs to make improvements. Because I wanted the most recent flagship, I switched from Xiaomi to Samsung. However, spending more than $1000 on Mi 11 Ultra to receive 2 years of software updates and a lower trade-in value made it not a wise investment. However, Xiaomi is a great brand.

They could make the gap wider if they improve on their user experience. New customers have a significant influence on the ranking. To build loyalty, Xiaomi must do more to retain those customers. These numbers can be seriously affected by devices that have bugs and offer no support. However, extended software support, fine-tuned and better trade-in agreements can lead to higher numbers. They might also be able to convince those who have left to return and make their top position more permanent.


To understand why Xiaomi was so greedy, you only have to look at Samsung’s mid-rangers of 2018-19-20. There were too many compromises, sub-par build quality and high pricing. Samsung has made some progress in ’21… the midrange products are now more affordable and better. An increased presence in North America would be a huge benefit to Xiaomi… someone who can really sink garbage like the Doogees or Blackviews. Although Xiaomi can stay ahead, it is not a certain thing.

Cosmo Benis:

I’ve owned three Xiaomi phones and absolutely love the products that Xiaomi offers. Their American network support is poor. They will be a major force in the US when they support all ATT/T-Mobile bands. It’s exciting.


Samsung is responsible for the loss of the top spot. They became complacent after the ban on Huawei and released low-quality midrange phones that were too expensive. This allowed for Chinese companies like Oppo and Xiaomi to enter the market. If Samsung wants to reverse their decline, they need to wake up.

IS Money:

Xiaomi (and its supporters should) celebrate their victory (however brief it may be), but we Samsung fans know that it’s coming down soon.

Joe Black: Yes, it can. However, BBK and other attempts to improve the “Huawei ban”, might catch up to Xiaomi very quickly.

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