Xiaomi debuts new Redmi Smart TV series models in India

Redmi Smart TV series models in India

Xiaomi already offers a relatively broad selection of TVs in India, including Redmi-branded models with 4K panels. However, it’s adding two new budget sets to its stable. Today, the company unveiled the new Redmi Smart TV series in India, offering two sets in 32-inch and 43-inch guises.

  • Xiaomi has launched two new models in the Redmi Smart TV series in India.
  • The displays land in 32-inch and 43-inch guises.
  • Pricing starts at Rs 15,999.
Redmi smart tv series models in india
Redmi smart tv series models in india

Redmi Smart TV series models in India

The 32-inch display packs a 720p resolution, while its larger sibling lands with a denser 1080p panel. Both sets include Xiaomi’s Vivid Picture Engine algorithm for improving color reproduction, more granular controls over picture quality, and hotkeys to jump straight into Netflix or Amazon Prime Video from the Mi remote.

Internally, the Redmi Smart TVs are powered by a quad-core chipset with an Arm Mali-G31 MP2 GPU mated to 1GB of RAM. You also get 8GB of internal storage for Android 11 TV apps. The two sets run Patchwall 4.0 launcher with built-in IMBd rating support and more than 75 free live channels, too.

For audio, the sets’ 20W speakers feature Dolby Audio, DTS HD, and DTS Virtual X support for surround sound simulation.

The budget sets include two HDMI ports with an automatic low-latency mode for gamers, two USB ports, an AV input, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an antenna screw, and an Ethernet port for wired internet. Additionally, the sets do include dual-band Wi-Fi support as well as Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless audio. Miracast and Chromecast smarts also feature.

Redmi Smart TV series: Pricing and availability

The 32-inch Redmi Smart TV model will retail for Rs 15,999 (~$217), while the 43-inch model comes in at Rs 25,999 (~$353). Both sets will be available through Amazon India from September 28.

Redmi Smart TV – The Next Generation of TV Series Launched

Redmi Smart TV is about to launch in India at midnight on September 21, 2021. Mi TV is a TV manufacturing company brand that manufactures digital television sets and other consumer electronics appliances like refrigerators, TV stands, home theaters, music players, and much more.

The Mi TV models are designed and developed by top television manufacturing companies like Sony, Samsung, LG, and Philips. Various TV brands like Samsung LCD TV, LG LCD TV, Sony projectors, Samsung Plasma TV, LG plasma TV, and Philips LCD TV series models. These brands offer various TV brands in different segments like sports, news, kids, home entertainment, broadband, and digital TV.

Mi TV models

According to an announcement by Mi TV, the first one of the brand new Mi TV models in India will be launched at the Union Square shopping mall in New Delhi on September 21, which is an ultimate launching place for the brand and one of the biggest corporate events in the country. This will be the very first television show in India where they are planning to introduce their new smart tv series. The launch event has been planned so that Mi TV can get a great response from the general public. The shows are developed by the brand’s creative team and will provide a great experience to the customers.


According to the sources, the first smart tv series models from Mi will be based on the crime series CSI. We understand that Mi TVs are getting high responses from the general public. People are looking forward to this brand as they want to watch their favorite crime shows on their televisions with better viewing experience and clarity. Even the police force has also started using the Redmi TV in their day-to-day operations.

The new concept of watching crime shows on television is really popular in many countries, and the viewing experience gets enhanced by introducing new features and better equipment. The user interface of televisions has also been revolutionized due to new models and advanced technologies.

Redmi TV

Another feature available with the new Redmi TV is the voice recognition facility, which will allow the users to control the television using only their voice. If you have seen the demo of the new smart series launch, you would have noticed that the user interface of the Redmi TV has been changed drastically without making any big changes to its basic structure. The price of the model remains competitive and is affordable to all. The price and the model’s features will meet the demands and requirements of the commoner in the market.


Talking about the advanced technologies used in the development of the Redmi TV, we can see two of the leading technologies used in the development of the product. The first of these technologies is called Blu-ray, and the other one is called HEVC. The Blu-ray technology will be available with the new models and the new televisions launched by the company in the coming months and years. This Blu-ray technology will support the HD standards, which are the next generation of televisions, and the users will get the best experience by enjoying high-quality picture viewing.

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