Xbox Game Pass Is Getting a Ton of Indies in September

Xbox game pass is getting a ton of indies in september

Xbox Game Pass’ library of games is getting an infusion of a different sort in September. While other monthly updates for the subscription service have tended to focus on AAA releases, this one’s all about the indies. September’s update for Xbox Game Pass includes both established indie hits and unreleased titles that have earned their share of early attention.

Starting September 16, Game Pass users can download a slew of sizable indies, including I Am Fish, Skatebird, and Superliminal. The two animal-themed games are fairly straightforward, with I Am Fish having players help an aquatic pet escape to the ocean, while Skatebird is, naturally, about a bird that can skateboard. Superliminal, meanwhile, is a perspective-bending puzzle title that requires players to think outside of their typical notions of scale.

Just days later, on September 23, another sizable group of titles will launch on Game Pass, including the incredibly stylish Sable, in which players adventure across a cel-shaded world to guide Sable through an ancient rite of passage.

Also coming on September 23 are Lost Words: Beyond the Page and Tainted Grail: Conquest, a roguelike deck-builder filled with grotesque monsters and strange allies. The Subnautica sequel Subnautica: Below Zero will likewise be making its Game Pass debut on September 23, taking players from a tropical alien planet to one that’s frozen over.

As always, a select group of titles will also be leaving Game Pass at the end of this month. On September 31, Drake Hollow, IkenfellNight in the WoodsKathy Rain, and Warhammer: Vermintide 2 will all be leaving the service. Anyone who isn’t ready to say goodbye just yet can purchase any of those titles for 20% off.

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