World’s Longest Hanging Bridge Will Let You Hike Amidst The Swiss Alps!


While there were already ways to enjoy the beauty of the Swiss Alps, the opening of one of them World’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge ‘Adventure’ has been taken to a whole new level in Switzerland! This hanging bridge spanning about 500 meters has opened. Randa near the city of Zermatt.

The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge spans a valley that connects Gretchen to the popular ski resort of Zermatt and has become one of the most thrilling destinations for hikers. If you have the courage to walk on this bridge for 10 minutes, apart from the thrill, the only thing you will enjoy most is the breathtaking view of the mountains including the world famous Matterhorn.

Charles Kuonen BridgeCharles Kuonen Bridge


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It took Swissrope about 10 weeks to build this longest suspension bridge in the world, as the previous bridge was damaged due to landslides in the area. Before Charles Kuonen, the world’s longest pedestrian bridge was China’s Dragon Cliff Skywalk, a 430-metre-long glass-bottomed bridge.

If you are someone who likes to taste thrill and hiking along the shore, the Charles Kuonen Bridge is a place you should definitely include in your Switzerland itinerary. We hope your journey on this bridge is as adventurous and breathtaking as it sounds!



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