Now Fly Eco-Friendly With The World’s First Ever Plastic-Free Airline!

While there are continuous initiatives being taken around the world to protect the environment, a Portuguese charter airline took its first flight without using a single plastic. It set a historic milestone in the aviation industry by taking eco-friendly initiatives and became World’s first plastic free flight, It was one of the first four trails not to use plastic on the ship, which departed from Portugal for Brazil on December 26.

High-flying airlines replaced commonly used plastic items on board with biodegradable alternatives, such as plastic cutlery being replaced by bamboo flatware, meals being served in compostable paper trays and even That the bags for motion sickness were also greener than ever. After the first successful test of this eco-friendly initiative, the company plans to execute another three test flights to completely ban single-use plastics on its flights by 2019.

According to Paulo Mirpuri, Chairman of Hi-Fly, this initiative has been taken in order not to ignore the impact of plastic pollution on the ecosystem as well as the human body.

The United Nations Environment Program says single-use plastics are a widespread problem, with 79 percent of all single-use plastics ending up in landfills or otherwise dispersed into the environment, and this initiative by this airline It was started to reduce waste.

Seeing the tremendous efforts of high-fly airlines, other airlines are also adopting this initiative. In October, Air New Zealand announced they were planning to cut down on plastic use onboard. Meanwhile in the US, Alaska Airlines has already stopped using plastic straws and on the other hand, Delta and American Airlines are also in the phase of phasing out single-use plastics.

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This eco-friendly initiative by aviation companies is truly making history and we hope it will help in reducing pollution levels around the world. so next time you plan an international trip, be sure to hop on one of these flights to experience (and promote) the perfect eco-friendly journey. Share this with your friends and family to encourage them to do the same.


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