Work in Progress on Canal + Séries: why you have to see this nugget on TV

Work in Progress on Canal + Séries: Appeared at the end of 2019, the intimate comedy Work in Progress revealed Abby McEnany, a brilliant comedian who delivers here a very personal and endearing work. Focus on this series, season 2 of which begins today on Canal + Séries.

What is it about?

In Chicago, Abby, 45, identifies as a “fat queer lesbian”. Her misadventures and her desperation lead her to an unexpected relationship that will transform her life. When she meets a young trans man, Abby begins to dramatically change her perspective on who she is and how much self-esteem she is. She then reconsiders her choices and will even face the woman who “ruined his life”, Julia Sweeney.

Work in Progress, a series created by Abby McEnany and Tim Mason with Abby McEnany, Theo Germaine, Celeste Pechous and Julia Sweeney. On Canal + Séries


Work in Progress is one of those series that tend to go unnoticed and for which you want to proclaim your love instantly. It stands out at first glance thanks to its main actress and co-creator. Abby McEnany plays a version very close to herself and opens the door to her intimate torments in an unusual way.

And then, Abby is not the kind of character that we often see in the series. She describes herself as a “fat queer lesbian” which, let’s face it, doesn’t make it to the screens. She is in her forties well packed and does not meet current beauty standards with her curves and her androgynous look.

Conformism not really being her major concern, she sheds light on women – and people in general – who generally do not have the right of the city in the not so democratic universe of television. These considerations quickly put aside, we get to know Abby and quickly become attached to her.


Work in progress on canal + séries: why you have to see this nugget on tvAdrian S. Burrows / Showtime

Positive depression

It begins with the first scene of the series which poses its humor. In her shrink’s office, while she unboxes all her anxieties and her desire (very serious) to end her life, she faces the silence of her interlocutor … And ends up realizing that she is in actually deceased! The situation may be terrible, the scene is hilarious.

This scene alone gives a nice glimpse into Abby’s personality. She has suffered from anxiety since her early childhood. So much so that it constitutes a real handicap in his daily life. However, she manages to share her dismay without making the spectator bear the burden. We sympathize with her, but she has enough greatness of soul to make us laugh at these misfortunes.

And with her, the strength to live prevails almost in spite of herself. In the first season, his macabre resolve is undermined after meeting Chris (Theo Germaine), a trans boy who manages to win her heart while applying a balm of benevolence to it. A series to discover without moderation and whose season 2 starts today.

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