Wonder Woman: when Pedro Pascal played in the super-heroic series

Wonder woman: when pedro pascal played in the super-heroic series

In 2011, Pedro Pascal was part of the cast of a “Wonder Woman” show that we have never been able to see since its pilot was never ordered in full series. However, he has fond memories of it.

At the start of 2011, the DC Comics universe is doing very well in cinema with the first two Batman films by Christopher Nolan. The third, The Dark Knight Rises, is then in filming and Man of Steel, which will officially begin the “DC Extended Universe”, will shoot in the summer. It is in this context, rich in hopes for Warner Bros, that the NBC channel agrees to shoot a pilot of a Wonder Woman series.

Adrianne Palicki is set to play Diana Prince, while Wonder Woman lover pilot Steve Trevor is played by Justin Bruening (Grey’s Anatomy, In the shade of the magnolias). The supervillain introduced in the pilot is Veronica Cale, a character who appeared rather recently (in 2003) in the comics Wonder woman, in order to become a kind of Lex Luthor of the Amazon princess. Cale was played by Elizabeth Hurley of Runaways and Gossip Girl, but more importantly, the series was supervised by David E. Kelley, known for the series Ally McBeal, The Practice, Chicago Hope or, closer to us, Big Little Lies and The Undoing. .

The cast of the series also included Pedro Pascal, as Ed Indelicato, a liaison between the superheroine and the police. Pascal, who today plays the supervillain of the film Wonder Woman 1984, remembered at the microphone of Variety of her first contact with the world of Diana Prince for this aborted show:

It was like a dream come true. David E. Kelley’s influence on TV when I graduated from college was immense, and I had seen every episode of Friday Night Lights. [avec Adrianne Palicki]. I also said to myself “whether it is good or bad, [la série] will be ordered. ”And that it would significantly change my financial situation, even half a season before cancellation. [le pilote] was not even ordered.

At the time of the cancellation, NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt justified the cancellation in these terms to TVline : “With that kind of audience, we have to be right across the board, there is no room for error. And in the end, I don’t think it was. The action is amazing, Adrianne Palicki is beautiful, Elizabeth Hurley is fantastic. artwork creatively, there will be people who like and others who dislike. “

The series will attempt a return on another channel, the CW, but the project was also abandoned in 2014. After this failure, it was not until 2016 and Batman v Superman to see Wonder Woman live on screen, in the guise of Gal Gadot. She has since been seen in Justice League, Wonder Woman and currently in the United States in Wonder Woman 1984, which currently has no French release date. We will finally find the heroine in the version “Zack Snyder” of Justice League, scheduled for 2021 in series on HBO Max then in a four-hour film. And one Wonder woman 3 is already announced.

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