Wonder Woman 1984 and Sacred Witches private release in French theaters?

Wonder woman 1984 and sacred witches private release in french theaters?

No theaters for “Wonder Woman 1984”, “Holy Witches” and “A Matter of Details”? The question arises, as video release dates have obviously been set for the three feature films.

The longer the cinemas are closed in France, the more it seems obvious that all the films planned will not be able to be released when they reopen, under penalty of a huge traffic jam. Some distributors could then be tempted to ignore it, and this is obviously what Warner intends to do, if we are to believe the very serious DVDfr. On his account Twitter, the site announces the dates of the video releases of three of the studio’s feature films:

Released directly on HBO Max in October, Sacitées sorcières was due to hit French theaters in November and December, which their closure prevented. The same goes for Wonder Woman 1984 and A Matter of Details, two of the feature films Warner released simultaneously in theaters and on its platform in the United States. In the case of the DC film signed Patty Jenkins, it would obviously be a disappointment for this sequel on which the studio relied a lot, the first opus, already carried by Gal Gadot, having garnered 822 million dollars of receipts in the world in 2017.

While waiting for a confirmation (or denial) from the distributor, all this remains to be taken conditional. Because, as DVDfr reminds us, it is indeed a “Direct interpretation of the pre-ordering of video media for a very near date and not compatible with the media timeline.” Which wants a period of four months to elapse between the release of a film in theaters and its arrival in the bins (three for those who have achieved less than 100,000 admissions in four weeks of exploitation). It is therefore not excluded that these opuses will finally be entitled to a passage through the cinemas after being released on video, and everything will depend, perhaps, on the next government announcements on the subject of culture.

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