Wonder Woman 1984: a “more mature and lonely” heroine according to Gal Gadot – Movie News

Wonder Woman 1984: a “more mature and lonely” heroine according to Gal Gadot – Movie News

Originally expected in June, “Wonder Woman 1984” should finally be released in cinemas worldwide in August. Three years after the success of the first opus, this sequel will show us an Amazon “wiser and adult” according to Gal Gadot.

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It was to return to the heart of the summer blockbuster season and may be the first to launch after the reopening of theaters (unless Tenet does not move): initially expected in June, Wonder Woman 1984 will finally be released on our screens on August 12. But the Amazon embodied by Gal Gadot offers itself today the cover of the new issue ofEmpire, in classic attire and in golden armor, while the magazine publishes two new photos of Patty Jenkins’ feature film.

Three years after the release of the first opus, which had garnered $ 821.9 million in revenue worldwide, the superhero takes a leap in time as it leaves the trenches of the First World War for the excess of the years 80 in what the director describes as a sequel “James Bond style”, which does not necessarily have to have seen the previous episode to understand all the events of it. After Ares, the Amazon will face the Machiavellian businessman Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), able to control the spirits, and the feline Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), but will be somewhat different: “The first film was [une histoire] of adulthood, it was Diana who became Wonder Woman “says Gal Gadot.

“She was very naive and did not understand the complexities of life. Like a fish out of the water. But this is no longer the case in this film. Diana has evolved. She is more mature and wise. But also more alone. She has lost all her partners and is being watched. Then something crazy happens. “ This crazy event is the return of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who had perished at the end of the first opus. We will of course have to wait until August (or more) to find out how this resurrection could have happened, because Gal Gadot only talks about the reasons that pushed the team to include it in the scenario: “Chris was an integral part of the film, and his success, and like Patty, he and I really enjoyed working together, we wanted him to come back. And Patty and [le co-scénariste] Geoff Johns found the way that best served the story to bring Steve back. “

Unless there is a new report related to the evolution of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on dark rooms around the world (and in the United States in particular), see you in four months, when the release of Wonder Woman 1984, for the end of the story.

The soundtrack of “Wonder Woman” and its electric theme signed Rupert Gregson-Williams (which will be replaced by Hans Zimmer in the following):

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