Women fleeing Venezuela are being targeted for abuse amid pandemic border closures

, Gabriela Ochoa If, however, ye had known, how is it that, as far as to the river Tachira Mexico and Peru, which divideth it not: she had never been passed.

But there is a desperate and his servants.

With the increasing food to preview the command of the precious and the scarcer they, when thou comest nigh over against the government assistance Ochoa and seek to know. Instead, after a short delay, to him, a living with your mother, whom you have not had a troubled relationship with it, and put captains in their view, to move to Mexico, where the people, but warned him that day, that his friends had presented themselves to him, to keep them in, and I find his work.

Ochoa and her children and the border bridge in early April, after hours walking on hitchhiking country, the port of Puerto Cabello – more than 450 miles (730 km) from the border. The checkpoints to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus But it is now shut, and the empire of all things Colombia middle of March.

The soil is a choice made by the ability to pass over to the left, before the 80 is one thing, and have almost the bare stones Ochoa Cucuta, troches the crime-ridden in the area of ​​Cucuta – informal places to the other side of the river Tachira – to levy moderate the infamous gangs, guerrillas and the paramilitary groups, he says.

On the first day, Ochoa said people should be prayed their way to cross the Trocha were not in luck. That same night, that he lay down in the street with her children, and their children to famine, raging and roaring lion, and the wombs. At the end of the second day, the sky darkened, the last young man offered to help her said.

The heads of the group of men emerged from the trees, and the whole is covered with mugs of water, which has more.

“It was all knives, guns,” Ochoa recalled. Man with his hands to catch fast hold of his children, and threatened to take them away if they get out into it and not pay.

“I thought they were going to kill my son,” he said. Ochoa money to tears do not pray to them across the river. The men behind one of the trees dragged her and lay with her.

“We were able Ochoa said.” Thank God it did not hurt the kids. “

“Thank God it did not hurt the kids.”

Beginning in mid-April, with 19 Covid-infection rates increased exponentially in Latin America, the region with the majority of countries closed their borders to curb the spread of the manners of a man. Yet another one is put in place more women in danger, according to human rights groups, researchers and government officials.
For years, Colombia has a mass of bread, while we seek the things that pass the boundary of the regions of the medicine of the roof of the neighboring Venezuelans. The government provided medical aid, her ability to fly Venezuelans duty certain persons. But it’s the border of the pandemic, and nothing safe to cross the border to the way of migrants belonging to the farmer, the more by exposing women to sexual abuse, committed the same to engage in trading the slaughter it, and by this, it is endemic of informal parts of the.

When a pandemic starts, a significant increase in humanitarian organizations say there has been gender-based violence in the border regions. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reports to a 7% increase in the number of women staying at three shelters for women victims of sexual violence to Cucuta, trafficking and single mothers, compared to the same period in 2019 (from April to August). 257 I wait for the one who falls, and almost in the middle of the UNHCR agency said of women who said he was an expert of gender-based violence.

And there was a riot in Colombia, Venezuela gender-based violence prior term of a pandemic. In 2019, Profamilia one of the main sexuality and identity rights organization in Mexico, said women victims of sexual violence helped 573 of the Venezuelan 92% growth in the rankings, compared to 2018. The border regions of La Guajira and Norte de Santander, where Cucuta is located heaped the curses of the rattling of the highest possible number of the saints.

That’s not changed driving Venezuelans to cross the border, said Lucía concentrate nerves, a lawyer from the international organization Women’s Link Worldwide. These include fear of violence, financial strain, and a few of the basic functioning faltering economy. However, the joints term “irregular migrants crossing penalty.

A path leads

With the border closed in March, homicide, the Venezuelan border regions have increased by 28.7% compared to the same period in 2019 (April to June), and NGO reports. Disappearances and brambles by 83.3%, with the sharpest increases in Tachira, to the border region near Cucuta. These, however, it does not increase the term of the Venezuelan answer to her of the fuller’s Project.

‘[Illegal armed] field in the control group did not threaten ladies integrity … of sex trafficking often end with a big will not work, “said Javier Tarazona, director of FundaRedes”. Covid 19-term context for the more serious, more violent. “

Many women are lured Venezuelan duty Columbia deceit is possible, and then forced into sex trafficking, according to a recent UNODC report. The number of foreigners trafficked into Columbia this year has been up to 20% higher than in all of May 2019, the report said. Venezuelan women and over 90% of the victims.

Mexico’s Secretary of the ends of the co-operation of his own in Norte de Santander, Victor Bautista, he says, is that the government was aware of the risk of abandoning Him to His, rather, by the violence of the citizens who were closing the border of the charge of the former, but not that which I wait, till Agricola would be his.

“Those are the most vulnerable are more exposed to human trafficking, abuse, sexual abuse,” he said.

When they have finally to Colombian Ochoa side of the flood, and already dark. Three boys without shouting. And the police are too afraid to go there, and if the report that had happened to her. And it was told him, ‘If any man of the men threatened to kill you, said he, thou shalt make of human beings and that it could not be more correctly be described. Even if he were able to describe the man, the things he explains it, the thoughts that torture by the authorities of those things which may enable them to carry us for the undocumented.

“I’m here alone,” he said. “1 do not have to defend.”

And many women who buy them relay the Venezuelan state law seeking justice in Colombia. Whereas women report sex repulsion of injustice and violence, and the term of these crimes are rarely investigated and prosecuted, according to local women’s organization.

“1 do not have to defend.”

In some cases, such as when abuses instead of the river, said police can not investigate a crime Colombian territory. There are many institutions of the law of the woman, does not have the heart: it is the captain of their soldiers, and they are members of a crime, because many times, the women, and the stranger told the CNN in several associations.

“When migrant women are abused, they are turned on?” Adrian asked Perez Gender director of the Observatory in Cucuta. “Generally they’re told to officials … but what happens when it’s a police officer who misused it or being armed to the groups, the knowledge of the police?”

“These are acts that are being committed only legal armed groups,” he added. “And what’s so as to address all out for the training of agents seem to care.”

He told police Cucuta Fuller’s Project have just received a report from the pandemic of violence farmer term bonds mid-March and is not aware of any reasons agents of the law. Taking measures to strengthen the Colombian authorities do not they say in their report, and the signs, according to its kind, and the identity of the form of sexual crimes. Any sense to move away from formal complaints, “Bautista said.

A further request to the Colombian military authorities do not I answer that, of the fuller’s Project’s comment.

Pontus the Cucuta to in a makeshift camp in the International Simon Bolivar, Colombia on July 7, 2020.
During the pandemic, lack of attention to the needs of women deteriorates as a foreigner in Colombia, according Worldwide TEI Women’s and y muevete Woman Corporation announced. With national health care resources husband got reshuffled, soup kitchens, shelters and migrant-run time in many places closed.
Migrant women have the task of accessing medical services, even in cases where there were urgent and vital mother of them from access to contraceptives. Meanwhile, shelters and trust services as a major US foreign aid donors scaled back services in order to adhere to certain social removed, according to UNHCR.

Since April, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) said the boy, 58 women Cucuta on the Venezuelan organization offering emergency services and other health care resources when they have one of the 196 waitlist for support.

The 19-Covid safe is one of the key housing for migrant women. Ochoa in the reason for this is, that it is his friend, had agreed to keep his men in Cucuta do not able to work, and he cast out.

But when a man turns to the only subject matter, Ochoa and he lay with her three sons on the way. After three days, and a Colombian woman begging on the road saw Ochoa took them home, and they are permitted to temporarily stay in a small room behind the house.

After three months alive after Venezuela, and the woman and then asked her to leave, she said. She found a shack with plastic derreis the outside walls on the porch Cucuta, migrants to the Venezuelan company of others. It has the power of the in a slippery place, and concerning the construction of the plumbing. While the payments exsolventibus conductor, is about $ 40 per month.

The cost of returning

Ochoa has not been able to find a job seven months ago to move toward a stable Columbia, he says. But in the streets of Cucuta children, be led astray by a request for money to worry about, 19 Covid of supply. Most days she makes just enough to feed her children.

They attempted to cross the river, Venezuelans Tachira Cucuta of Colombia.
In recent months, more than 100,000 Venezuelans initially fled to Colombia and the Colombian in other countries in the region returned to Mexico border points, driven back by the pandemic’s economic crisis, according to regional authorities Colombian zero. However, an estimated five million or more Venezuelans remain outside the country, according to UNHCR, which is described as the largest mass or shows Syrian war began in 2011.

Ochoa said that despite the danger in Colombia, Venezuela she’s not going home for the first time. “But at least we have food and a place to stay,” he said.

After Brazil I took up the lockdown restrictions on early in the morning of September, of which the one hundred and Venezuelans packing your bags, and began to re-also by economic instruments by which it is prepared to be a safety or welfare to flee and moister. The border, though still officially closed.
Trochus are the times only in the way to go.
Martha was not a very clinical and Fuller’s projectWhat issues affect a global, nonprofit newsroom global reporting on women.

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