Women Empowerment Essay in English

500+ Words Women Empowerment Essay: Women empowerment means the independence of women from the ruthless groups of social, economic, political, caste, and gender-based discrimination. It means allowing women the freedom to make life choices.  Women Empowerment itself magnified that  Social  Rights, Political Rights, Economic stability, judicial strength, and all other rights should be also equal to women. No discrimination should be allowed between men and women.

Meaning and Significance of Women Empowerment

As rightly said,” Women are the builders and molders of nations destiny, though delicate and soft as a lily. She has a heart stronger than of men. She can create a big history that is what women are.” Women’s Empowerment is made of two powerful words ‘Women’ and ‘Empowerment’, Women means an adult female human, and empowerment refers to granting of power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties. Women’s Empowerment itself can be defined as promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their right to influence social, historical, and geographical change for themselves, and to determine their own choices.

Position of Women in the Historical Era

The historic era of women was quite different compared to the 21st century, at that time women enjoyed the role of only reproduction of heirs and homemaking while men had the role of earning. The historic trend shows the declining trend of women in their position. But, in some parts of the country, women were considered with respect and dignity and had significant contributions in the making of decisions and administrative functions. Some of the pathbreaking names are, our Great freedom fighter Rani Laxmi Bai, our first women Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Great mathematician Shakuntala Devi, etc. who are the perfect examples of women empowerment in the historic era.

Position of Women in the Modern Era

As compared to the historic era. The present scenario is completely changed for women. Major factors which completely change the status of women are education, employment, family support, domestic work sharing, decision making, and economic and social security. Women have always been the key agents of social change. By this, We can say that when a woman is empowered, the family who is in turn becomes empowered. Present day, strongest and ultimate examples are, Our current 15th President is a woman, Draupadi Murmu( She is also the first women Tribal President.) Vinesh Phogat, is the first wrestler who has won the two medals in World Wrestling Championship. Leading Actress Deepika Padukone has become the first-ever Indian brand ambassador of luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Harnaz Sandhu became the Miss Universe 2021 and many more examples reflect that women have come so far and will continue to empower their lives and others.

Challenges of Women Empowerment

Though many development and reforms have taken place towards the empowerment of women through different legislation, and governmental schemes but still there are the challenges to woman empowerment such as Gender Biased Education in higher studies have hit women hard to attain top leadership in any field. Poverty is another threat to the peace of the world, its eradication should be the foremost goal. Because of poverty women are exploited as domestic help. Another challenge is professional inequality where women are paid unequally for the performance of equal work. This has majorly impacted their economic growth. Challenges to women’s empowerment even lie in the field of Health and nutrition.

Steps towards Women Empowerment

From ancient times, many social reformers such as Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Savitribai Phule, Tarabai Shinde, Ramabai Ranade, etc. has stood up against the women exploitation. Revolution of Women Empowerment brought many changes through legislation which in turn brought awareness among the society, new enactment empowering the women, amendment in the Indian Constitution( which is law of the land) brought new reforms to make our nation more empowered. In addition to this many governmental schemes and programmes are there to promote women empowerment in India such as:

  • Health Empowerment: Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY), Maternity Care Act, Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan (PMSMA), National Nutrition Mission, Mission Indradhanush, etc are some of the schemes which have the aspects of Women Health Empowerment.
  • Social Security and Empowerment of Women: Swachh Vidyalaya Initiative (SVI), Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), Ujjwala Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), Passport Rules and Working Women Hostels are some programs and schemes of Government for Social Security and Empowerment of Women.
  • Financial Security and Empowerment of Women: Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY), Stand-Up India, Sukanya Samridhi Yojana, and Mahila E-Haat are some programs of the Government of India for Financial Security and Empowerment for Women.
  • Empowerment of Girl children: Girl Child Empowerment Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme (BBBP) and Pragati Scheme are popular schemes of the Government of India for the Empowerment of Girl children.
  • Safety for Women: Nirbhaya Fund, Ujjawala Scheme, Swadhar Greh, Mahila Police Volunteers (MPVs), Mahila Shakti Kendra (MSK) Scheme, and Women of India Festival are some schemes of the Government of India for the Safety of Women.

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