Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Not Letting Her Sister Around Her Daughter After What She Said

If you’re not gonna put in the work, you better be prepared to deal with the consequences.

Those words of wisdom apply to every aspect of life and that includes family.

Is this woman an a**hole for not letting her sister be around her daughter?

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“I had my daughter (8f) when I was 22. My sister was 25 at the time.

I don’t know when she became childfree. At my baby shower she had a frown on her face the whole time and would say things like “Oh another expensive gift, wowww. Could pay my rent if I sold that”.

My pregnancy was quite scary but everything turned out fine. When my family came to the hospital to greet and hold her, my sister refused to even touch her. Her explanation was that she “Doesn’t like small kids, especially babies, and never wants to have them”.

I was quite sad at this, and asked her why she wouldn’t want to interact with her own family just because she doesn’t like or want kids. She just shrugged, and handed me a congrats card. The rest of the family was horrified and she kinda became an outcast at that point. She was always starting some kind of drama with someone.

Fast forward to now, a couple months ago she started showing more interest in my daughter. She’d call and ask what her favorite colors and movies were. Drop her presents off on my door. I asked her why after all this time, she wanted to get to know my daughter.

She said it was because my daughter was quite older now and wasn’t a screaming baby. “She can hold a conversation now so I think we’ll get along just fine”.

I shook my head and said she made her decision to not interact with her years ago. I told her she doesn’t just get to randomly decide when she wants to act like an aunt. “I don’t even think you love her. How could you? You don’t even call me half the time.”

She said she was trying to be an aunt, I just had to give her a chance. I told her I had tried giving her many chances and she blew it. She called me an a**hole, said I couldn’t let go of the past and that she knew me getting pregnant was the end of the sister she once knew.

She hung up and I told my husband everything. He says I have every right not to let her in my daughter’s life but I feel so unsure. The rest of the family agrees.

Someone asked if she had been mean to me and the baby at some point so I’m putting this here as well:

After the family started shutting her out, she did talk c**p about me and the baby on social media, to others etc. I did give her many other chances to apologize and be in her nieces life despite this, but she blew it everytime. Plus she had been a problem wayyy before I even got pregnant. She just wasn’t pleasant to be around unfortunately and most people were done dealing with her.

She did stop the drama after awhile, she didn’t keep talking c**p for 8 years. But the damage was/is done.”

Let’s see what people on Reddit had to say about this.

This reader said that neither her or her sister handled this very well.

Woman Asks if Shes Wrong for Not Letting Her Sister

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And another Reddit user said if the sister was the one who wrote the story, they could probably see her side, too.

1666337745 295 Woman Asks if Shes Wrong for Not Letting Her Sister

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Another person said that despite all the conflict, her sister was there for her when she gave birth.

1666337747 67 Woman Asks if Shes Wrong for Not Letting Her Sister

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