(DLLSUITE.COM) – Keung Kwok Tung, tossed in the hand, when a person is lying down in the work of chef, to raise up to use with a spatula to mix the metal in the other.

Hands holding a fan, and master the use of the work of a lever here and myself before the third to knock at the flames of the fire of the gas stove in the soul.

It takes only three minutes to transform a lump of white rice in a bowl of gold fried rice for serving on the wings.

“This is what you find – hei work (work and the spirit of God), ‘Oh Yip, co-founder and President of the Hong Kong restaurant, Travel tells CNN.

“China Wok is the essence of Chinese cooking at noon. The Cantonese chefs are a teacher in a fire and at work.”

Fried rice is the grass, and the work of the Chairman '

Work grass and invisible an essential ingredient in Cantonese cooking.

Maggie Hiufu Wong / CNN

If any hex it is in the work, in a matter of authority, that is, the Yip.

For those who are in Cantonese family grew up, it’s almost impossible for a restaurant without hearing some Chinese – mostly older – comments that “even subjected them to work with grass” (work quite hex) or “gau g work with grass” (work is not enough to hel ), while establishing a benchmark of how authentic Chinese restaurant is.

Hei (Romanized and “the meadows”) is not a word in Cantonese “Chi,” the energy flow. It was once a hard-to-explain concept of air, the most widely popular in the South China region. In China and other parts of Asia, even though they used woks, not to focus on the work of grass.

Chinese written American food is fabulous with poetry and grace coined Young ‘with the work of the spirit in the book’ The Wisdom of the Chinese Saxony Holy Order Strawberry recipe for a celebration of the healing process “in the 1990s that the concept hex work officially entered to the international audiences.

‘Ah Wok is not the only hot food, the taste is not only elusive with branded space lasts for a minute or two, “Young wrote.

In other words, it’s a combination you breathe that smoke aroma close-in, and a burning feeling of your tongue but do not belong to the flavors in the dish.

In this task it works

In recent years, an increasing number of food cooking while writers, scientists have been looking deeper into its Chinese origins modernizing the operations of the grass.

After that it was little scientific research on Chinese cuisine, and so fast-Ko doctorate Georgia student Institute of Technology, co-published a research paper entitled “the physical pain fried rice,” while ar – especially the physics Ig studies as well fire Nobel Prize winner and ants question why Wombats cubic form and poop.

“Wok hay, and Maillard reaction require high heat. In the commercial Chinese stoves have a mind blowing amount of heat coming out of them,” explains Ko, who spent whole months studying how and why chefs toss fried rice is out of work, while also simulating the rice found they can.

When on the interaction between amino acids Maillard chemical activity under high heat and reducing sugars fuel. In fact, for an odor of a sweet incense to them, and from that time he releases the flavors of meats, and brown.

What is great to cook on the heat has me so quickly?

“The grass has the most work to extract the shortest amount of time. So you soften a good smell Maillard reaction does not escape, “is that the governor Yip.

Hence, an important factor hex work – apart from the fire into operation – and chef’s skill shaking.

The work will be moved to the correct

They are met with in the work is the science that it takes time to develop.

A young chef to the Chairman of spends more than twice a year practicing with the cooking staff work before he or she is allowed to stir fry dish with customers.

“Why did not you use the other chefs at work? It is heavy and intimidating, and the fire can be difficult to control – I know what you have arm hair was none of the Chinese chefs, “Yip said only half-jokingly.

Why do you not have sufficed if the convergence of any of those duties? In the leaves the rest and the fried rice is always the red-hot, and escaped to the top of a vacuum as we have shown, the work of the video.

“Tossing work allows for better mixing, which is essential when you are not super high heat. Stirring high heat in a heated likely to lead to a” Ko said.

By Ko research, and found the edge chefs often the pivot of their woks using the stove – take away the entire work for the stove – in order to save energy and increase speed.

Two things happen at the same time they throw, “pushing and pulling back and forth,” and “work front and back” look into the eyes of movement.

What, then, does all things through the work of a heavy and long-bottomed cooking conductive such a unique piece of equipment?

“The potential of furniture would work well. However, I want you just need to make sure that the heat is going to combine the amazing things uniformly “Ko said.

At midday, the pursuit of speed of 2.7 times per second in the work of shaking of the chefs.

For that reason, too, the Chinese out of the many chefs to suffer the injuries of the abdomen.

Ko Elis at the goal and the greatest to the first property is that if it’s to be able to study that in which the robot chefs extol so much to be able to create, and to help in the work of the body and cut it into to reduce the strain. Can not be applied in their power thinks ko published research in other parts of life.

“Can you imagine a machine that uses dry laundry tossed mechanics work clothes? Gut feeling is that it will be more efficient – and funnier,” said Ko.

How to be perfect, fried rice

Fried rice is the grass, and the work of the Chairman '

Keung Kwok Tung has been a chef for the president after its opening in 2009.

Maggie Hiufu Wong / CNN

Fried rice was brought into the spotlight in July, thanks to a viral YouTube video titled “Uncle Roger TIRED this Egg Fried Rice, I see.”

In the clip, “uncle Roger,” was created by UK-based character in a stand-Malaysian comedian Marcus Ng, reacts on a video from the BBC fried egg how to cook the rice.

And it shows what is wrong with egg fried rice original video to more than 17 million gathered the answer is that even views. Among the major sins of the original video? Rice, watery ground.

It is almost a fashion that sits on Hong Kong’s chefs from your heart.

“Fried noodles, fried rice and beef are two dishes are often used to judge the work on the grass in the restaurant,” said Yip. “It is difficult to stand or cooked rice noodle, and of a piece with the rest evenly without burning it matters.”

Ko agreed.

“Symbolic very fried rice is the cuisine, ” he said.” It’s difficult to make perfect fried rice surprise, however it looks really simple. The general principle is to keep it hot – rest and sleep is assumed that the material contained water – to crush and mix on a fevered so much. “

Hi what’s suggested using rice cooked the night before.

“The argument is not added to the deep. When you put (dried leftover rice) in the work that the moisture will be minimal … to prevent cooling down or acting rice from sticking together, “explains the physicist.

And, Mr. Chairman, they are not a bit differently.

“We know that especially in a dry rice that was left by humans. It is as if they want to keep the inside moist and retain the most fragrant rice. The trick is to lay eggs,” said Yip.

Kwok the chef points.

To wipe them with the work of the sunshine in the whole of the first means, the troops killed the fries it puts them aside. Then, at the bottom of the oil, egg mixture and rice separately.

“These eggs faster than rice. The chef has to act fast and mix all ingredients. See, I do not even see the egg,” said Yip, the writer will go on to bite the aroma alone.

That is true. The curved surface or advanced rice is lightly toasted in a dry lips and the grain is completely covered with golden yellow – egg no more. Each fried rice and bites while still doing the curved restore glory.

“Taste it?” Asks Yip. ‘Oh this is. ”

This story first published in October 2020 and 30 April is updated, 2021.

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