Without any remorse on Prime Video: what is this supercharged action movie with Michael B. Jordan?  - Cinema News

Without any remorse on Prime Video: what is this supercharged action movie with Michael B. Jordan? – Cinema News

Prime Video adds today to its catalog Without any remorse, spy film in which Michael B. Jordan plays a character of Tom Clancy.

What is it about ?

A Special Forces Marine uncovers an international conspiracy as he seeks justice for the murder of his pregnant wife. When Russian soldiers kill his family in retaliation for his involvement in a covert operation, Chief John Kelly pursues the assassins at all costs.

Joining forces with the US Navy alongside a fellow CIA operative and a mysterious CIA agent, Kelly’s mission unwittingly reveals a secret plot that threatens to drag the US and Russia into war. total. Torn between honor and loyalty to his country, Kelly must fight his enemies without any remorse if he wishes to avert disaster and reveal the powerful behind the plot.

A hero Tom Clancy

We know Jack Ryan very well, a little less John Kelly / John Clark, paper hero of the American novelist Tom Clancy, specialist in spy and political thriller. Two ingredients that are at the heart of Sans No remorse, which is released today on our small screens.

“Finally!”, Fans of the character will tell us, as the project has taken so long to arrive. Hollywood seizes the scenario in 1994 and offers it to Keanu Reeves, who refuses it. It will then pass into the hands of several actors: Laurence Fishburne, Gary Sinise, Joaquin Phoenix or even Tom Hardy.

It is ultimately an over-involved Michael B. Jordan who will play John Kelly on screen. Over-involved, because he chose to do most of his stunts, previously undergoing enduring training with Marines and Special Forces members.

Casting side, he finds on screen Jamie Bell, his playing partner in The Fantastic 4. The latter plays Robert Rittler, a very suspicious CIA agent who hides secrets. Jodie Turner-Smith impresses in the role of a Navy Seal commander. Finally, Guy Pearce completes this pretty cast.

This revenge movie will undoubtedly appeal to fans of the genre: it is about a plot mixed with hints of Cold War, all served by impressive action scenes. The film is called Without any remorse, but it is especially without any downtime.

Some may recognize the paw of Italian director Stefano Sollima, behind the excellent Gomorra, Suburra and Sicario. If the screenplay departs from Tom Clancy’s novel since it tells us how Kelly joined the CIA, it nuances the character by adding more depth: John Kelly is not just a cold-blooded killer, he is is also a man who mourns the death of his wife and daughter.

Paramount Pictures

Michael B. Jordan is John Kelly in No remorse.

Thought for broadcast on the big screen, the global pandemic and the shutdown of theaters around the world sadly undermined Paramount’s original plan. After a postponement from September to February 20201, the studios chose to sell the film rights to Prime Video. And it is on this same platform that the sequel entitled Rainbow Six should be released, still with Michael B. Jordan.

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