Without a noise 2: 3 good reasons to go see the film in a Dolby Cinema room

The sequel to John Krasinski’s film is finally out in theaters! Like the unexpectedly successful first installment in 2018, this is a must-see movie in a dark room. We saw it in Dolby Cinema * and we tell you why we liked the experience!

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What does it say?

After the deadly events in their home, the Abbot family must face danger from the outside world. To survive, they must fight in silence. Forced to venture into uncharted territory, they realize that creatures that attack at the slightest sound aren’t the only threat standing in their way.

Why should you see it in a Dolby Cinema room?

“You are not listening to a movie, you are in a movie and you feel what is happening along with the characters.” John Krasinski on dolby.com

1. For the sound experience

With even more monsters attracted to noise, the plot of Without a Noise 2 relies primarily on the characters’ ability to act silently … or not! And the deafness of Regan Abbott (Milicent Simmonds) also plays a key role in certain scenes of the film which are entirely silent, or almost.

The sound design of the film therefore benefits from careful treatment, even more extensive than in the first part. You feel right in the middle of the action when the sound goes overhead and behind. Thanks to immersive Dolby Atmos sound, thunderous scenes are even more impressive and the suspense becomes much more intense in sequences where silence is king!

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2. For the great visual spectacle

Opening with a long flashback which chronicles the first day of the alien invasion from the point of view of Lee Abbott (John Krasinski), Without a noise 2 moves away from the camera in the wilderness that made the salt of the first film and gives more scenery to see. The surviving characters are forced to leave the farm at the start of the film.

In the middle of the forest, under the warm light of the American Midwest, in an abandoned factory, an abandoned train station or even at night, the scenes of suspense and action take on their full extent thanks to Dolby Vision image technology.

Thanks to the contrasts and the real blacks allowed by it, John Krasinski had fun with the dark: “we can choose exactly what we want to show“… To the spectator to open the eyes to detect the threat!

3. For comfort

A session in a Dolby Cinema room offers an incomparable spectator experience. In addition to the ideal projection conditions allowed by advanced Dolby sound and image technologies, the rooms meet exceptional standards of comfort.

With their modern architecture, all seats offer excellent visibility on the screen. The armchairs with footrests are reclining and your neighbors will seem far away! Each seat has a bottle holder and a shelf for storing treats. This is the premium class of the cinephile!

Book your Dolby Cinema screening of Noiseless 2 by selecting the Dolby Cinema option under the “Experiences” menu of your favorite venues.

More information: www.allocine.fr/technologies/dolby-cinema/

* There are 10 Dolby Cinema theaters in France at Les Cinémas Pathe Gaumont. Massy (91) – Cinema Pathé Massy / Lyon (69) – Cinema Pathé Vaise / Rouen (76) – Cinema Pathé Docks 76 / Marseille (13) – Cinema Europacorp La Joliette / Nice (06) – Cinema Pathé Gare du Sud / Paris (75) – Cinema Pathé Beaugrenelle / Rennes (35) – Cinema Gaumont Rennes / Toulouse (31) – Cinema Gaumont Wilson / Tremblay-en-France (93) – Cinema Pathé Aéroville / Thiais (94) – Cinema Pathé Belle-Epine.

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