Wish – Disney’s Asha and the Lucky Star: a great musical and magical adventure to watch at the cinema with the family –

Wish – Disney’s Asha and the Lucky Star: a great musical and magical adventure to watch at the cinema with the family –

“Wish – Asha and the Good Star” is released this Wednesday in our cinemas. This original Disney film directed by the director of Frozen is a must-see for ages 6 and up.


Once upon a time : Asha, a 17-year-old girl with a lively mind and devoted to those close to her, lives in Rosas, a kingdom where literally all wishes can come true. In a moment of despair, she sends a wish to the stars to which a cosmic force will respond: a small ball of infinite energy named Star. Together, Star and Asha will face the most formidable of enemies and prove that the wish of a determined person, combined with the magic of the stars, can produce miracles…

What they will love: Whether you’re a parent or simply grew up with Disney animated films, Wish – Asha and the Lucky Star will amaze you.

Imagined for the centenary of the Disney studios, this film with an original script takes up a theme dear to the studio: that of wishes. Wish fulfillment is present in all Disney films: from Snow White to Pinocchio, including The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Princess and the Frog and Frozen.

The title “When we pray to the lucky star“, taken from Pinocchio, has even become a real symbol for the studio since the first notes of the music composed by Leigh Harline accompany the studio logo before each film.

A film on a theme dear to the studio

With Wish – Asha and the Lucky Star, wishes are at the heart of the film. To live in peace in Rosas, you just have to entrust your dearest wish to the King and wait to see if it will come true. Except that by giving him your most precious dream you forget him. And this is what young Asha (voiced by Océane Demontis in the French version) will quickly understand. What’s the point of entrusting your most secret desires to someone who doesn’t intend to realize them, deprives you of what you vibrate for and prevents you from achieving it yourself?

Wish Disneys Asha and the Lucky Star a great


Because that is the whole theme of the sixty-second feature film from Disney Studios. Understand that everyone has everything they need to achieve their dreams.

During our meeting with directors Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, the filmmaker told us: “The theme of the wish is universal. The film also talks about human nature. When you feel like you’re losing hope or are looking for inspiration, you often look to the sky and tell yourself that there is something bigger than you out there. So I think it’s a theme that’s both very Disney and very universal.”

Wish is a collective letter of love and thanks to Walt and the artists who came before us.

The studio managed to create an original story while including many nods to previous films. But don’t try to count them all, there are more than a hundred and directors Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn themselves don’t know how many there are since the entire team was involved.

The director tells us about this: “We focused our energy on creating the original story and characters. But once all that was in place, a lot of people came to us asking if it was possible to add this or that reference. We saw this as a way for everyone involved to express their love for the characters who inspired them. Wish is a collective letter of love and thanks to Walt and the artists who came before us.”

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Spectators will particularly appreciate the forest scene during which the animals start to talk. There are nods to many Disney films: Snow White, Cinderella but also Bambi and Robin Hood.

Like all Disney heroines, young Asha is accompanied by joyful sidekicks. Valentino, a 3-week-old kid with a velvet voice (voiced by Gérard Darmon in French) and the adorable Star who will do everything so that Asha can realize her dream.

Director Chris Buck describes this little character as “a ball of energy that embodies hope, light, optimism, creativity and imagination – everything that Walt Disney represents to us here at the studio.“Secondary characters who will greatly amuse young spectators.

What may worry them: Like the Disney classics, King Magnifico (voiced by Lambert Wilson) is a real villain who will little by little show his true face. Certain scenes in the film are reminiscent of the transformation of Ursula in The Little Mermaid, or Jafar in Aladdin. If at first the character is rather pleasant, we quickly realize that the sovereign of Rosas is unfair.

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People come from all over the world to present their deepest desires and Magnifico is the only one who decides which ones will come true and when. Screenwriter Allison Moore explains in the press kit: “Magnifico seems to think that wishes are nothing more than ideas even though they come from deep within the soul. This lack of consideration encourages him to keep them inside hundreds of bubbles. Most of these wishes will remain encapsulated forever. It is therefore by giving false hope that he controls his kingdom.”

Like Asha, the youngest will feel a great injustice in discovering that wishes, apparently harmless, will never be granted by the King.

What they will keep deep inside: At the end of the feature film, the youngest will have the feeling that nothing is impossible and that they have everything within them to realize their dream and make their voice heard.

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They will understand that dreaming is important and that you have to work to achieve your dreams. Producer Jennifer Lee explains this in the press kit: “The Star represents all those things that keep us going through difficult times, but it doesn’t do the work for us. However, this spark of magic is comforting. Star is there to remind Asha that she must not give up and she must remain hopeful. Open-mindedness leads to imagining the answer.”

Because the other theme at the heart of the film is hope. A subject at the heart of the song from the film “I Make the Wish”: “If this beautiful hope can take me forward. Let me believe that the weather will be fine tomorrow. I wish to one day see the world happy again.” Topical words that deliver a real message of hope.

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Director Chris Buck explain : “Disney has a long history with wish-themed songs, and we’re keeping that pattern while introducing something new. And that’s exactly what Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice did with “I Make a Wish“.”

Benjamin Rice and Julia Michaels, have composed songs for Dua Lipa, Pink and Selena Gomez and wrote seven original songs for Wish – Asha and the Lucky Star. Composer Dave Metzger – musical arranger on the Frozen diptych – created the score.

Adults for their part will appreciate the second level of reading and the criticism of society and leaders who try to steal dreams in order to be able to lead in peace.

A great musical film mixing 2D and 3D animation in the tradition of the great Disney classics.

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