Not Just Visit, But Now You Can Even Stay At The Great Wall Of China, That Too For FREE!


Here’s an interesting ratio for all the wanderlust lovers! Airbnb is offering a dream stay on the Great Wall of China For 4 selected people, and this could be your golden opportunity to have the most memorable night ever, While Airbnb has been known to offer extraordinary offers in the past, this time they are offering a remarkable stay at the Great Wall of China that will leave travelers experiencing the best surprises.

The Great Wall of China receives a huge number of tourists every day, about 27000 tourists visit every day. This fall, Airbnb will choose four lucky people to stay at the Great Wall of China for a night and enjoy magical experiences. After this this offer has come out Airbnb partners with Beijing Tourism Development Committee To spread awareness for heritage site conservation and initiate cultural exchange.

acj-0307-great-wall-of-china-airbnb (4)acj-0307-great-wall-of-china-airbnb (4)

This journey is considered to be a unique and one of its kind experience for travelers in one of the modern wonders of the world spanning approximately 13000 miles. And it is absolutely free!

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Key features of the offer and what you need to do to win it

acj-0307-great-wall-of-china-airbnb (3)acj-0307-great-wall-of-china-airbnb (3)

1. One night stay for 4 people and their guests from 4-7 September, the entire wall to themselves
2. To be lucky, contestants must submit an article of 550 characters or less explaining why they believe it is important to break down barriers between cultures, and how they will use their time on the Great Wall to make new connections. How to use it? , All participants are required to submit their entries Here Till 11th August. Winners will be selected on the basis of creativity and originality of answers.

acj-0307-great-wall-of-china-airbnb (2)acj-0307-great-wall-of-china-airbnb (2)

Additionally, in addition to the famous residence, there is an ancient partition of the wall that offers sunset dinners, calligraphy lessons and classical music concerts. Apart from all this, the winners will also be offered an epic walking tour through the Chinese countryside and will also get a chance to learn more about the history of the Great Wall. Walking the Great Wall of China is another exciting thing you can do during your stay. It has also been confirmed that winners will be offered air tickets to fly to the Great Wall from different parts of the world. Additionally, there are some other Great Wall of China tours that you may be interested in! An important night awaits you on the Great Wall of China. Time to put your gray cells to work!

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