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While Will Smith has been in the news since this weekend and an Oscar ceremony that saw him win the Best Actor statuette and slap Chris Rock, we invite you to discover 6 amazing things about the Hollywood star.

Will smith: 6 surprising things to know about the actor - actus ciné
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End of a very dense weekend for Will Smith with a hectic Oscars ceremony that saw him win the Best Actor statuette for his role in The Williams Method but also slap Chris Rock live, a gesture that made around the world in less time than it takes to tell! A boiling news, therefore, which gives us the opportunity to make you discover 6 amazing things about the Hollywood star.


In 2018, Will Smith went back to music… for football! The American actor has indeed rapped in “Live It Up”, the official song of the World Cup in Russia. The track, signed Nicky Jam, also benefits from the presence of pop star Era Istrefi.

“It’s an honor that I was asked to play this song during the 2018 World Cup”said the actor at the time. “This global event brings people together from all over the world to cheer, laugh and experience something magical. Collaborating with Nicky Jam, producer Diplo and Era on this track represents the coming together of harmony, eclectic flavors and genres. at the end of the day, we just want to see the world dance!”


After starring in Men In Black, the American actor Will Smith has the possibility of continuing illico in SF with Matrix. But he refuses the role of Neo (finally devolved to Keanu Reeves), finding the script of the Wachowski film too complex.

Instead of Matrix, Will Smith chooses to star in Wild Wild West alongside Kevin Kline. It’s a bet to say the least missed: the film, panned by critics, winner of five Razzie Awards, is a failure at the box office with only 220 million dollars in receipts in the world for a budget of 170 million.

“I wanted to win and be the biggest movie star, and what happened in that era, in the Wild Wild West era, was mostly a drag. I found myself promoting something because I wanted to win, rather than promote something I believed in,” explained Will Smith in 2016 at the microphone of The Hollywood Reporter.

And the actor adds: “The days of smokescreens and other marketing gimmicks are over. People now know very quickly and on a large scale whether the product is delivering what it promises. […] I have to be in tune with the expectations of the fans, and not trick them into going to see [quelque chose comme] Wild Wild West.”


First achievement of Peter Saji (Black-ish) for the cinema, the Summertime project is surprising to say the least. The film will indeed be inspired by the song of the same name, signed DJ Jazzy Jeff and a certain… Will Smithwhen he was the star of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Single taken from the album home basethe pipe Summertime, released in May 1991, won a Grammy Award. If the synopsis of the feature film inspired by the song has not been revealed, we do know that Will Smith will officiate as producer. via his company Westbrook Studios, in partnership with Sony and Screen Gems.


Did you know that Will Smith had given voice in the animated film Gang of sharks, released in theaters in 2004? In original version, the Hollywood actor lends his voice to the main character, that ofOscar, a talkative and story-telling young fish who accidentally witnesses the death of a dangerous shark. He then takes advantage of the situation to pass himself off as a great shark hunter, unaware that the shark in question was the son of Don Lino, the leader of the gangster sharks…

Gang of sharks, which sees Will Smith notably give the vocal reply to, please, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie or even Martin Scorsese, is not the actor’s only experience in an animated film. In 2019, fifteen years later, he lent his voice to the super-spy Lance Sterling in The Incognitos, alongside Tom Holland.


In 1991, Will Smith is among many artists and sportspeople to record the song Voices That Care. The charity track, featuring vocals by Kevin Costner, Celine Dion, Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Michael Jordan, was intended to support the International Organization of the Red Cross and boost morale. American troops engaged in Operation Desert Storm during the Gulf War.


In a landmark scene from The Pursuit of Happyness, the character played by Will Smith manages to solve the famous riddle of the Rubik’s Cube in a very short time. Is the actor really gifted in the matter or is it just a “trick” of cinema?

On the hexagonal set of the Petit Journal People, Will Smith brilliantly provided the answer. The actor has indeed proven that he is a true Rubik’s Cube champion, managing to solve the world-famous geometric puzzle in less than a minute!

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