Wild West: creation of a new genre film label

Wild West: creation of a new genre film label

Wild Bunch International and production company Capricci team up and launch Wild West, a new genre film (and series) label.

The Jokers / Capricci

Wild Bunch International and production company Capricci are teaming up to launch the Wild West genre label, dedicated to horror, fantasy, sci-fi, crime and superhero films and series.

The two companies, respectively managed by Vincent Maraval and Thierry Lounas, plan to develop a dozen projects per year through Capricci’s SoFilm Genre Screenwriting Residency. The first projects will also be unveiled from June 9 to 11, during the “Tropicales de SoFilm”, workshops for reading genre films and series projects.

Launched 5 years ago and directed by Thierry Lounas, the SoFilm Screenwriting Residency notably enabled Just Philippot’s La Nués to see the light of day. Presented at the Critics’ Week in Cannes, the feature film will be released in our theaters on June 16 under the banner The Jokers.

Questioned by us, Vincent Maraval underlines that it is from elsewhere “the quality of the contents of the SoFilm Residence ” who pushed the two leaders “to take the plunge and create a specialized label. ”

“Create a deep culture”

For the producer, genre cinema has always had an audience but the offer has become scarce: “Le Pacte des loups or The Crimson Rivers were genre films. Vidocq too. It is the offer that has disappeared, the offer and the ambition … And then a certain tendency to “franchouillardiser” the genre.

My model is more that of Asian or Spanish genre cinema, but for that you need a school, jobs, a culture. Wild West is the foundation for all of this. The ambition is not to create a label, the ambition is to create a deep culture. “

Why a specialized label?

The French producer then explains: “The creation of Wild West marks the natural evolution of our collaboration with Thierry Lounas and Capricci as part of the So Film Genre residency.. ”

For him, the most important thing in the creation of this label is mainly the experience that the two companies will bring to young filmmakers:

What matters is the way of manufacturing that Capricci brings to Wild West and the means that we put in place so that these new talents can create.

The international network that we will bring with the support of CAA Media Finance as well as the integration of Wild West into the strategy of Wild Bunch International.

The aim is to enable young talents to find their place in the changing scene of the film industry and to open their field of possibilities to strengthen their independence.. “

A European Blumhouse?

Described by Deadline as a “European Blumhouse”, Vincent Maraval nevertheless qualifies by specifying that “to speak of European Blumhouse is of course the ease, I see us more like Roger Corman. ”

He adds : “The goal is to bring the genre through different visions. Development is the great luxury of Wild West since we will offer in the dozen projects that we will launch next week, projects that already have several years of development within Capricci.

Thierry Lounas and Noemie Devide have been working on these projects for a long time. Wild West is not a concept that is suddenly launched to meet a market need; it is the result of years of work.

“We want to train the Bayona or Ducournau of tomorrow”

Regarding the style of films and series produced, the manager of Wild Bunch tells us: “We don’t try to be like anyone. We have our own track record: Pan’s Labyrinth, The orphanage, The Neon Demon, Serious, Land of the Dead, Piranhas 3D which are among the biggest hits of the genre in recent years.

We want to train the Bayona or Ducournau tomorrow and feel comfortable with our method. But yes, we want strong concepts that can be declined in series or in remakes. The first delivery next week will give you a good overview.. “

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