Wiim’s new amplified streamer mimics the Sonos Amp, for $299

Wiim’s new amplified streamer mimics the Sonos Amp, for $299
YIM amp in space grey.

Wiim’s latest product, the Wiim Amp, is an amplified network media player that bears close resemblance to the Sonos Amp in both function and form. However, in typical YIM fashion, it costs much less than Sonos’ amplified player. At just $299, and available in silver and space gray colors, it’s less than half the price of the Sonos Amp. You can buy Wiim Amp Available on Amazon starting November 22nd,

The Wiim Amp, Wiim Mini, Wiim Pro and Wiim Pro Plus connect to network music streamers. Each can be used alone or as part of a multiroom audio system via the Wiim app, which also includes many of the same functions as Sonos’ software. Unlike Wiim’s previous products, the Wiim Amp can operate as a standalone device. With its built-in amplifier, it can power two or four passive speakers.

Wiim Amp in Silver.

Inside the Wiim Amp is a Class D amplifier controlled by a TI 3255 amplifier chip. It supplies either 120 watts at 4 ohms or 60 watts per channel at 8 ohms. Digital-to-analog conversion is handled by the ESS ES9018K2M, a DAC that is 10 years old but remains a favorite among audiophiles. It supports PCM up to 24-bit/192kHz lossless, high-resolution audio. The four-speaker terminals can be used with bare wire or banana plugs.

Like the Sonos Amp, the YIM Amp has both an analog stereo input and an HDMI ARC port for devices including turntables so you can use the YIM Amp as a soundbar alternative. It also has a subwoofer output. But the Wiim Amp also has two additional ports – an optical input and a USB mass storage port – which expands the number of sources that can be used. Like Wiim’s other media players, you can also connect to the Wiim Amp via Bluetooth.

Wiim Amp Rear Panel.

The YIM app offers a variety of EQ and parametric EQ options including 24 preset EQ settings, a 10-brand graphic EQ adjustable for each audio source (line-in, Bluetooth, or network), and a four-band parametric EQ that allows for more granular Allows granularity. Adjustment.

The player works with Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, Alexa Musiccast, Deezer, Qobuz, Pandora, DLNA, Spotify Connect, and Tidal HiFi/HiFi+ and is compatible with Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Wiim says it hopes the Wiim Amp will earn Roon certification in the near future.


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