Why Women Kill on Salto: what awaits you in season 2

Since last Friday, Salto offers in US + 24 season 2 of “Why Women Kill”, the latest creation by Marc Cherry. The opportunity to find out what the new episodes have in store for you.

Broadcast in full during the first confinement, season 1 of Why Women Kill had managed to create a stir on M6 by bringing together no less than 4.5 million viewers on average, the best score for the year 2020 for the channel.

Imagined by Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids, the series followed three women, Simone, Beth Ann and Taylor, who had to deal with the infidelity of their respective spouses.

A little over a year after its success on the Six, Why Women Kill is back for a season 2 offered in US + 24 on Salto (the first two episodes are already available on the platform). On this occasion, a quick overview of what awaits you in this new series of episodes.

A new story

From its launch, Why Women Kill was advertised as an anthology. Like series like American Horror Story, or True Detective, each season therefore focuses on a new story and new characters.

First major change: unlike the first season which juggled between three different eras and therefore focused on three women with different fates, the ten episodes of this season 2 take place exclusively in 1949 and follow the fate of two women: Alma and Rita .

Alma (Allison Tolman), a reserved and optimistic housewife, has only one dream, that of joining a prestigious botany club where the most upscale women in her community meet.

Unfortunately for her, the mother will have difficulty in being accepted by the members of the club and in particular by Rita (Lana Parrilla), the leader of this elitist group. The latter, married to Carlo Castillo, a rich, Machiavellian, and elderly man, is only waiting for her husband to die.

To deceive her boredom, she entertains herself in the arms of a young aspiring actor lover. But when Alma discovers her husband Bertram’s terrible secret hobby, she will use this information to her advantage …

New challenges

If the first season of Why Women Kill had a very progressive aspect in telling us about societal subjects like the AIDS epidemic in the 80s or polyamory (which still too infrequently shown on television), this season 2 is, at least in its first two episodes, much wiser and classic.

Here we follow the story of a shy and idealistic outsider, who does not correspond to the canons of beauty, as she tries to find her place in a group of women who spend their days gossiping the most. on top of each other.

While in the first season, we knew from the first minutes who was going to be murdered, this season 2 leaves us in the dark by not telling us anything about the events that will happen in the next episodes.

It’s almost a shame because that was one of the strengths of the first season. We were glued to our screens because we wanted to know what had prompted these women to kill their husbands.

A new casting

Who says anthological series, says new casting. Exit Lucy Liu, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, or even Alexandra Daddario., This season 2 is worn by Allison Tolman, who plays the reserved Alma, and Lana Parrilla, who plays the diamond eater Rita.

Discovered in the first season of the Fargo series, Allison Tolman has since starred in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Good Girls and Emergence. As for her playing partner, Lana Parrilla, for 7 seasons she played Regina Mills, the wicked witch of Once Upon a Time.

Regarding supporting roles, Nick Frost will slip into the skin of Bertram, Alma’s husband, while BK Cannon (The Politician) plays his daughter. Matthew Daddario (ShadowHunters), brother of Alexandra Daddario, camps Scooter, Rita’s lover. Veronica Falcón and Jordane Christie (Queen of the South) complete the cast.

Little surprise for fans of the first season, the voiceover that tells us the story is none other than that of Jack Davenport, alias Karl Grove, Lucy Liu’s husband.

Find season 2 of Why Women Kill every Friday in US + 24 on Salto.

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