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As the casting announcements progress, season 2 of “Why Women Kill”, until then very mysterious, takes shape. After Nick Frost and Allison Tolman, it is Lana Parilla, the Evil Queen of “Once Upon A Time”, who joins the series …

Why Women Kill a Once Upon A Time star joins
ABC / Jack Rowand

Direction 1949 for season 2 of Why Women Kill which will begin filming shortly for broadcast in 2021. The theme of these new episodes which will have 1949 as their unique epoch is that of beauty, “what it means to be beautiful, the truth and the pains behind the facade, the consequences of being ignored or underestimated when one is not considered “beautiful enough” by society and to what extent a woman can go to feel finally accepted“.

After Allison Tolman (Emergence) and Nick Frost who will form a couple on the verge of a nervous breakdown whose husband obviously has a surprising secret that threatens to blow up his family, it’s Lana Parilla who joins this season 2. The former Evil Queen of Once Upon A Time should not meet her ex-playing partner again Ginnifer Goodwin since she is not expected in these new episodes. She will play Rita, the sardonic wife of Carlo Castillo, a very rich and unscrupulous man. As she patiently awaits her death, given her advanced age, she runs the local country club with an iron fist and without a velvet glove, and spends most of her time in an adulterous relationship with a younger boy. ‘she, Scooter, who will be played by Matthew Daddario, seen in Shadowhunters. When Rita suspects the latter of cheating on her, she hires a detective. Rita will have a lot to do since she will also have to deal with the return of her daughter-in-law, Catherine (played by the Mexican actress Veronica Falcon), who hates her and who is determined to destroy her after a mysterious accident …

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