Why Ken Jennings May Not Be Alex Trebek’s Jeopardy! Successor

Why Ken Jennings May Not Be Alex Trebek’s Jeopardy! Successor

Next week, Danger! champion Ken jennings returns to the show, this time as the first next guest host Alex Trebekthe death. But will his concert become permanent? It is complicated.

Days after the iconic star’s death from pancreatic cancer in November, producers announced the game would resume recording with a series of acting guest hosts, starting with Jennings, who won 74. Danger! consecutive games in 2004, receiving the title of “Greatest of All Time” from the show in 2020.

Just before the last episode of Trebek airs on Friday, January 8, E! News has learned that Jennings has recorded six weeks of shows, which will begin airing Monday, January 11, and that other guest hosts are still expected to take the helm after Jennings, although no names or dates have been announced. .

Meanwhile, the situation remains “fluid”, according to several sources. An insider tells E! News that the search for a permanent host continues, that the chosen person will not be appointed until the spring, and that “although Ken is a very competent host, there are concerns that he is not the right personality to be the face of the longtime show. “E! News contacted representatives to Danger!, who did not comment.

Last year, after being named the first acting guest host of Danger!, Jennings, 46, sparked controversy as offensive tweets resurfaced. Danger! the producers did not comment on them. But on December 30, the champion responded to the backlash and issued an apology on Twitter.

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