Why Is Instagram Flooded With ‘Nah He Tweakin’ Comments?

The hottest content on Instagram isn’t Kim Kardashian’s latest photo. It’s a comment. And not something one person said; but a simple phrase that’s plastered across every high-profile account by seemingly thousands of accounts: “nah he tweakin”.

An Instagram post from The Rock

Go to any high-follower account on Instagram and look at its latest post. You’ll see a dozen, or perhaps hundreds, of different accounts posting “nah he tweakin” all the way down the thread. As far as I can tell, nobody has any idea why.

The first thought here is that this is a coordinated bot attack, for some reason. But that’s a bit of a stretch, as it’s not exactly clear what this could do for a bot leader — and it’d require considerable resources to run this many accounts, which certainly isn’t free. Could it be a small number of bots, quickly turning into a social phenomenon with lots of hangers-on joining for fun?

This has quickly left Instagram and flooded onto Reddit and Twitter … and likely every other corner of the internet. This’ll be tomorrow’s biggest thing, I’m sure.

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