Duolingo app icon with the new melting design.
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If you’re like me, Duolingo is one of the most used apps on your smartphone. From extending my streak to climbing up the leaderboards, this is an app I use most often on any given day. So, I was surprised this morning when I noticed that my Duolingo app was melting. Where Duo’s cute, smiling face usually sits, his eyes and beak are now tilted downwards. It’s honestly kind of scary.

Is this a Halloween-themed trend? Is the app broken? Is Duo going through difficult times? Here’s what we know about Duo’s new, melted appearance.

Why is Duolingo melting down?

The real reason behind the meltdown of the Duolingo app is actually very simple. After many people took issue with Duo’s new, cluttered look, a Duolingo spokesperson released a statement to Distrify with the following clarification:

“The Melting Duo you see is a new app icon that learners will be able to see for a limited time. If learners have the latest version of the Duolingo app downloaded, they should see Melting Duo as an app icon. The new app icons are intended to encourage learners to open the app.

No, there is nothing wrong with Duo. Everyone’s favorite internet owl is perfectly happy and healthy – he’s just trying to get your attention when you open the app and your Spanish lessons.

Duolingo How to Get Rid of the Melting Icon

Changing Duolingo app icon on iPhone.
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As simple a stunt as the melted Duolingo icon is, chances are not everyone will want to see a half-melted owl on their home screen. Luckily, there are some ways to get rid of it.

If you subscribe to Super Duolingo or Duolingo Max, you can get rid of the melting Duolingo app and use a Super or Max-themed app instead. From the Duolingo app home screen, tap the Duo icon at the top right of the screen, scroll down super app icon Or max app icontap more Start it. This replaces the melting Duolingo app icon with a Super or Max icon (depending on which subscription you have).

Alternatively, if you’re part of Duolingo’s Streak Society, you can change the app icon this way as well. From the Duolingo home screen, select the fire/streak icon near the top of your screen, scroll down streak society section, and select Change app icon. If you got rid of the Melting Duolingo app but decided you want it back, tap the same change app icon button and then tap restore original icon,

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