Why Bridget Jones Baby is not the adaptation of the third novel in the successful saga

Eight years ago, Helen Fielding published the third volume of the adventures of Bridget Jones. 3 years later in the cinema came out the third part of the saga, broadcast this evening on TF1. However, be careful, one has nothing to do with the other. Explanations!


The novel Bridget Jones, crazy about him is not the Bridget Jones Baby movie. If the precision was very quickly suggested by the title and very quickly confirmed by the production of the film, it is not always easy to navigate. On the occasion of the broadcast of the film this evening on TF1, we explain what it is.

Reminder of literary (me) facts

In 2013, novelist Helen Fielding sparked a stir among fans of the cult saga, placing her third (and highly anticipated) installment in the adventures of Bridget Jones almost 15 years after the second, which left our heroine around. of The age of Reason (novel published in 1999).

In Bridget Jones, crazy about him, she is 51 years old and the mother of two small children. Again in search of the ideal man, she must learn to master the new communication / seduction tools that are twitter and new generation dating sites. But how did she get there? Where’s Mark Darcy? If you have missed the information, avoid the following:

Mark tragically died, leaving her to raise their offspring alone …

A “situation” difficult to accept for the devastated fans (and for Colin Firth himself who had not hidden his disappointment !) who, if they did not boycott the book, still had the pleasure of finding a more poised, more mature Bridget (more “cougar” too!) and just as deliciously dumped and … greedy. Note that in the novel, Daniel Cleaver (played by Hugh Grant) is

well and truly present.

On the cinema side

In the movies, Renée Zellweger left Bridget’s wide panties and tight clothes 17 years ago, The Age of Reason being released in 2004. In the meantime, the actress had suffered sexist (and therefore uninteresting) criticism. relating to his cosmetic surgery operations. Whatever, at 47, she returned to the screens to the poster of Bridget Jones Baby and under the leadership of Sharon Maguire, director of the first installment of the successful franchise. Note that the desire to find Bridget at this time of her life dated back a few years already, the project having been launched in 2009, with Paul Feig (My best friends) then Peter Cattaneo (The Full Monty) a foreseeable time for the realization.

Relieved of these extra pounds (much to the chagrin of purists), Bridget has not yet solved all of her main problems. At 40, she is still head in the air and out of phase, finding a new way to “weigh herself down” (like what we find there): “fell” pregnant following an expired condom, she doubts, for top it off, the identity of the father of his baby! The icing on the cake of this part, Colin Firth is there and there, assisted by one of the fifty sex symbols of the moment, the very popular Patrick Dempsey (unforgettable Doctor Mamour from Grey’s Anatomy).

Who of these two perfect men is actually the baby’s father? The mystery lasted until the last moment, the production having even shot three different endings in order to preserve it. Note that in this original scenario, the inenarable Daniel Cleaver has no place, Hugh Grant having decided not to come back. Attention, here too small subtlety and big spoiler:

the film opens with the death of his inenarable character, who we know, however, has a future in Fielding’s novels.

Freedom of the scenario or a new spin to be expected? We don’t tell you more.

When the novel is inspired by the cinema

Helen Fielding had found Bridget at 51 years old in her novels, Sharon Maguire puts her back on the scene ten years before, on the screen. If the film is therefore not adapted from a pre-existing book, it is still inspired by the chronicles that the novelist had written for the newspaper. The Independent and The Daily Telegraph, in the 2000s.

Did Fielding plan to make a novel out of it one day? While a few years ago, she specified that no, there would be no book planned to accompany the film, it would seem that the infatuation around the heroine made him change his mind. Good news then: a fourth volume of the adventures of Bridget Jones was released on October 11, 2016, inspired by her own news AND the film in theaters this week. It will be situated temporally speaking between Bridget Jones, the age of reason and Bridget Jones, crazy about him.

To complete the loop, can we hope one day for an adaptation of the adventures of Bridget Cougar and Fifty (Bridget Jones, crazy about him) At the movie theater ? Renée Zellweger and her fans are waiting for this!

In the meantime, check out the new comic-loving trio of the film airing tonight:

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