Who killed Sara: what role for Jean Reno in season 3 on Netflix?

A renowned French actor has joined season 3 of Who Killed Sara: Jean Reno plays a formidable antagonist in the new episodes of the Mexican series which is a hit on Netflix.

Warning, spoilers. The following paragraphs reveal plot elements from the beginning of Season 3 of Who Killed Sara?. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

Surprise success on Netflix in 2021, Who Killed Sara? returns this year for a third and final season, which should finally answer all the questions left unanswered at the end of season 2 and in particular the most important, namely that posed by the title of the Mexican series.

What really happened to Sara (Ximena Lamadrid)? Since his brother Alex (Manolo Cardona) is released from prison after being wrongly convicted of his murder, tongues are loosened, family secrets resurface and the truth is not far away.

In his investigation, Alex learns that his sister had a lot of secrets and that she suffered from dissociative identity disorder and that her mental health was fragile. But this psychiatrist had things to hide, in particular his link with Nicandro (Matias Novoa), a former friend of Rodolfo Lazcano (), Sara’s childhood sweetheart. Nicandro was dealing drugs with Sara but the latter had swung him to his parents.

And it is therefore obviously towards this track that Alex will go to find out more about what happened to Sara in the new episodes of the Netflix series of Jose Ignacio Valenzuela. And Alex’s investigation will lead him to one and the same man, who is embodied by the Frenchman Jean Reno.

Jean Reno as a villain in Who Killed Sara?

Known for his roles in The big Blue (1988), Léon (1994), Les Visiteurs (1993), Godzilla (1998) or Da Vinci Code (2005), Jean Reno is one of the most popular actors in French cinema, who also had a successful career at the international.

In recent years, the actor nominated three times for the César for best actor has chained a few Netflix productions such as Da 5 Bloods by Spike Lee and Bronx by Olivier Marchal. We find it today in season 3 of Who killed Sara?, which is a hit on the platform.

Who killed sara: what role for jean reno in season 3 on netflix?

Integrating the cast of the Mexican series was surely easy for Jean Reno since he has Spanish origins from Andalusia. His real name Juan Moreno y Herrera-Jiménez, Jean Reno speaks very good Spanish and he proves it in Who killed Sara?.

In season 3 of the Mexican series, Jean Reno plays the main antagonist: Reinaldo Gomez de la Cortina, who is none other than Nicandro’s father! The latter is a doctor specializing in mental disorders, who worked with Dr. Alanis on the Medusa project, which was experimenting on patients whose mental health was fragile.

We learn that Sara had hereditary schizophrenia, which she inherited from her father. Her profile particularly interested Dr. Reinaldo Gomez de la Cortina, who tricked Nicandro and Marifer (Sara’s former best friend and half-sister) into causing Sara’s boat accident.

Who killed sara: what role for jean reno in season 3 on netflix?

While the others thought Sara was dead, Dr. Reinaldo Gomez de la Cortina simply hid Sara and locked her in his institute to perform experiments on her. The 16-year-old was pregnant at the time of the crash and gave birth to baby girl Lucia, now 18, in the mental institution.

Jean Reno’s character is a vicious, power-hungry man who will do anything to carry out his experiments. Heartless and without morals, he even had his own daughter, Daniela, locked up in his psychiatric institute, thinking he could “cure” her because she is a lesbian. He did not hesitate to blackmail his son Nicandro to reach Sara.

The French actor has thus landed a real role as a villain and key antagonist in the Mexican series. Her character is a major element in resolving the plot of Who Killed Sara?, the final episodes of which have been available since May 18 on Netflix.

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