Who is lying? on Netflix: what is the new teen series worth between Elite, Breakfast Club, and…

In the vein of “Gossip Girl”, “Elite”, and “Pretty Little Liars”, “Who’s Lying?” hits Netflix today. Is this series about a high school student who knows the secrets of all his classmates and is killed during an hour of glue worth the detour?

What is it about ?

When a high school student who was about to reveal juicy secrets about his classmates on his blog dies, the four teenagers who were at his side in the detention room at the time of the tragedy become potential suspects. Who is guilty? Who is lying? One thing is certain, everyone has something to hide…

Who is lying? (One of Us Is Lying)created by Erica Saleh based on the novel by Karen M. McManus.

With Annalisa Cochrane, Chibuikem Uche, Marianly Tejada, Cooper van Grootel, Barrett Carnahan, Mark McKenna, …

Available today on Netflix. 8 episodes seen out of 8.

Well worth a look ?

While waiting for the new seasons of Elite and Outer Banks, as well as the sequel to season 6 of Riverdale, Netflix has once again thought of fans of teen dramas tinged with mystery and forbidden romances with Qui ment? (One of Us Is Lying in VO), which arrives today exclusively in France on the platform after being broadcast last fall on Peacock in the United States. And which should quickly become their new serial obsession.

Adapted from Karen M. McManus’ 2017 novel Who’s Lying? plunges us into the world of Bayview High School, on back-to-school day, as Simon, an anything but popular high school student, is about to reveal about four of his classmates on his blog About That, a kind of gossip Girl on a small scale where the secrets of each other are revealed in broad daylight.

Only, before he can comply, Simon inherits an hour of glue and finds himself in detention, Breakfast Club style, with four other high school students who have little to do with each other – Addy , Cooper, Bronwyn, and Nate. And even before the end of this hour of punishment, the young man dies of an allergic reaction. A seemingly accidental death that will soon turn out to be a homicide. So who killed Simon? And above all, for what reason?

Who is lying? On netflix: what is the new teen series worth between elite, breakfast club, and...
Nicola Dove/Peacock

While the police do not take long to suspect them of having ganged up to assassinate their comrade, the four students who witnessed Simon’s death will join forces to try to discover the truth and to clear themselves in the process. But the viewer obviously spends the majority of the eight episodes of this first season wondering if one of them is lying and is indeed the culprit.

After all, everything suggests that they are none other than the four high school students who were going to be targeted by Simon’s revelations on About That. Indeed, each of them hides a secret that could well have pushed them to want to silence their comrade.

Addy cheated on longtime boyfriend Jake with one of her best friends over summer vacation. Bronwyn, top of the class who is reminiscent of Spencer in Pretty Little Liars, is actually not as perfect as she would like to believe. Cooper, star athlete on the baseball team, is secretly gay. As for Nate, the band’s bad boy known for selling drugs all over Bayview, one more prank could hurt his record and land him in serious trouble.

Although Simon states in one of the scenes in the series that most of the high school students around him seem straight out of a John Hughes movie, Who’s Lying? struggles a little too much to go beyond the clichés which she nevertheless seems to want to make fun of. The series does not reinvent anything and is above all a cleverly orchestrated mix between Elite for its mystery on the background of murder, Pretty Little Liars for its many secrets, and Gossip Girl for its somewhat too well-informed blog.

Who is lying? On netflix: what is the new teen series worth between elite, breakfast club, and...

Relatively unknown to the general public, the main actors of the series, Annalisa Cochrane (Cobra Kai), Chibuikem Uche (American Housewife), Marianly Tejada (The Purge), Cooper van Grootel, Barrett Carnahan (Cruel Summer), and Mark McKenna (Overlord ) in the lead, are doing quite well even if their characters take a little too long to really become endearing.

And the series makes a real effort on the diversity side which should be applauded, with several black characters, of Latin American origin, or from the LGBTQ + community among its recurring characters. Who have real intrigues to defend, which is unfortunately not always the case.

Too “generic” to compete with nuggets like Euphoria or Sex Education, Qui ment? can in any case count on the know-how of screenwriter and producer Darío Madrona, who co-created Elite and acts as showrunner here, to establish itself as a fairly addictive guilty pleasure, which effectively distills its mystery and its revelations, using each episode of a new revelation on About That to focus on the past of its heroes and their flaws.

Raising the question in passing: who could have taken over control of the blog after Simon’s death?

Available now on Netflix, Qui ment? is cut out for a binge-watch and will satisfy fans of teenage series who are not too demanding. Because the series unfortunately falls into the category of fiction quickly seen, quickly forgotten, even if there is nothing unpleasant about it, quite the contrary. But the adventures of Addy, Bronwyn, Nate, and Cooper at least have the merit of keeping us in suspense and offering us answers in the last episode. Although questions obviously remain open for season 2.

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