Who is Françoise Dorléac, the partner of Belmondo who died prematurely?

The Man from Rio on France 2: who is Françoise Dorléac, the partner of Belmondo who died prematurely? - Cine News

Who is Françoise Dorléac, the partner of Belmondo who died prematurely?

“L’Homme de Rio” is broadcast this afternoon on France 2. On this occasion, a look back at the career of Françoise Dorléac, the main actress of the film who died at the age of 25 following a road accident.

In L’Homme de Rio, the second class Adrien Dufourquet witnesses the abduction of his fiancée Agnes, daughter of a famous ethnologist. He then sets off to find him, which leads him to go to Brazil, and uncovers a traffic in Indian statuettes … Directed by Philippe de Broca and carried by a Jean-Paul Belmondo at the height of his physical form, the film had great success in theaters (five million admissions on French soil in 1964).

Agnes, the first female role of L’Homme de Rio, is played by Françoise Dorléac, an actress who died in 1967, aged 25. On the occasion of the broadcast of the feature film, this afternoon on France 2, return to the journey of this actress who left too early.

Françoise Dorléac and Jean-Paul Belmondo

Daughter of the actors Maurice Dorléac and Renée Simonot, Françoise Dorléac grew up alongside her two young sisters (Catherine Deneuve and Sylvie Dorléac), and an elder born from a first union of her mother, dean at the Théâtre de l’Odéon. As a child, she was in sync with her father, director of dubbing at Paramount. She then dreams of becoming a nun, before turning to dance. An extroverted but complexed teenager, she was fired from La Fontaine high school for indiscipline. Turning to the theater, she followed Raymond Girard’s lessons then joined the Conservatory.

Françoise Dorléac began on the boards in 1960 in “Gigi”, role created by another actress with mischievous grace, Audrey Hepburn. Also a model at Dior, she made her first steps in the cinema in Les Loups in the sheepfold of Hervé Bromberger, which came out the same year. Responding to her sister Catherine Deneuve in Les Portes claquent, she followed up with the first feature film by Michel Deville and the penultimate by René Clair, before finding her first important role in La Gamberge (1962) alongside Jean -Pierre Cassel, for a time his fiancé.

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Philippe de Broca then offered this Greta Garbo fan a great popular success by entrusting him with the character of Bébel’s savage fiancée in L’Homme de Rio in 1964. The same year, his fantasy worked wonders in the almost as incredible comedy La Molinaro manhunt. At the Cannes Film Festival, still in 1964, we discovered it in a completely different register: she slipped into the skin of the flight attendant of which the married man Jean Desailly fell in love with La Peau douce, a poignant film and long unloved by François Truffaut.

A beautiful international career seems to be announced for the actress, who replies to the sizes Omar Sharif (Genghis Khan) or David Niven (Passport for oblivion) ​​and especially forms with Donald Pleasance a strange and poorly matched couple in the camera clos Cul-de-sac by Polanski in 1965. Thanks to the comedy en-chanted by Jacques Demy Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, filmed in 1966, she dances and flutters alongside her star sister, Catherine Deneuve. The film was a critical and commercial success (not far from 1.4 million admissions in France).

But on June 26, 1967, shortly after the shooting of the spy film by Ken Russell A billion dollar brain, she died in a car accident, when she went to Nice airport, under the rain. In 1992, a place Françoise-Dorléac was inaugurated in Rochefort.

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