Who is actor Alec Baldwin, in the midst of a tragic filming accident?

Actor Alec Baldwin is in the news for accidentally killing the cinematographer for his upcoming film, but who is he and what is his background?

Who is actor alec baldwin, in the midst of a tragic filming accident?
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Alexander Rae Baldwin III, said Alec, is the second in a family of six children. His brothers Daniel, William and Stephen Baldwin embrace acting careers like him. Young Alec is studying law and political science at George Washington University. He then took drama lessons at New York University and learned about the method ofActor’s Studio under the tutelage of Lee Strasberg.

He marks his television acting debut playing recurring roles in the series The Doctors (1980-1982) and West Coast (1984-1985). At the same time, he performs regularly on stage on Broadway (Serious money, The Tamed Shrew, etc.). Throughout his theatrical career, he obtained several awards: the Theater World Award in 1986 for Loot by Joe Orton and theObie Award in 1990 for The Poisoned Kiss.

First steps in the cinema

Alec Baldwin takes his first steps in cinema with Amos Kollek, who directs him in Forever, Lulu (1987). The following year, he established himself on the screen as a prolific supporting role. We see him as a mafioso, husband of Michelle Pfeiffer, in Veuve mais pas trop (1988), as an unfaithful companion of Melanie Griffith in Working girl (id.), As husband of Geena Davis in Beetlejuice (id.), As a radio producer in Talk radio (id.) and as a preacher cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis in Great balls of fire! (1989).

In 1990, he accepted the role of CIA analyst Jack Ryan in Pursuit of Red October and for the first time found himself headlining a major production. Now on the road to success, Baldwin met in 1991, on the set of The Singer and the billionaire, the actress Kim Basinger, whom he married in 1993. The couple was again reunited on the screen in Ambush ( 1993), remake from the film by Sam Peckinpah, signed Roger Donaldson.

A good villain for Hollywood

Heroes of The Shadow (1994), the film adaptation of the famous comic book, and of the thrillers Cold Vengeance (1996) and Like a thief (1999), the actor, accomplished sportsman, remains nonetheless a regular of the roles of villain and deeply unsympathetic characters.

Evidenced by his performances as a Machiavellian surgeon in Malice (1993), an unscrupulous henchman in La Jurée (1996), a troublesome lover in A couteaux tirés (1997) and ruthless NSA officer in Code Mercury ( 1998).

Who is actor alec baldwin, in the midst of a tragic filming accident?
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In the 2000s, Alec Baldwin, affected by his divorce from Kim basinger, is scarce on the screens, limiting himself to playing small roles as in Sequences and Consequences (2001) by David Mamet, Pluto Nash alongside Eddie Murphy, and Pearl Harbor, where he plays an American air force officer.

He tries his hand at directing but without much success with Sexy devil (2004), then returns to the camera to camp more or less authoritarian bosses: vulgar employer of Ben Stiller in Polly and me, unscrupulous casino manager in Lady chance , civil aviation entrepreneur in Martin Scorsese’s Aviator, etc.

30 Rock

Two years later, he managed to land one of the leading roles in the American comedy series 30 Rock, which won him several acting awards at the Golden Globes and Emmys. He is then recalled to be part of the team of Scorsese in Les Infiltrés (2006), then played under the leadership of Robert De Niro in Raisons d’Etat (2007).

Who is actor alec baldwin, in the midst of a tragic filming accident?
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Baldwin is also returning to romantic comedy, notably through Not So Simple by Nancy Meyers, where he gives the answer to the immense Meryl Streep. At the age of 54, the actor is preparing for a new marriage and seems set to breathe new life into his film career.

While continuing to carry the series 30 Rock, he played in 2012 – a very busy year for him – in To Rome with Love which marks his second collaboration with Woody Allen, then in the very rock ‘n’ roll Rock Forever by Adam Shankman, to finally lend his voice to Santa Claus from the DreamWorks Five Legends cartoon.

Parody of Donald Trump and “Mission: Impossible”

The actor finds a third time the director of Manhattan to play in Blue Jasmine in 2013, a drama which unanimously dedicates his playing partner Cate Blanchett of which he plays the incarcerated husband. Rebelote in 2014 with Still Alice which offers Julianne Moore her first Oscar while Alec Baldwin remains in the shadows.

Regardless, he continues to walk his path and takes part in the choral drama Welcome Back before rubbing shoulders with Ethan Hunt in the awaited blockbuster Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. During Donald Trump’s presidency, he regularly parodies the politician in Saturday Night Live, which earned it to be rediscovered by part of the public.

Who is actor alec baldwin, in the midst of a tragic filming accident?
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Alec Baldwin parody Donald Trump

He returns to television for several series: The Looming Tower (2018) and Dr Death (2021), in which he plays one of the main roles. He shoots for Spike Lee in BlackKklansman, and reunites with Tom Cruise for Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Drama on set

On October 21, 2021, on the set of the western Rust, of which he is also the co-writer, he shoots with a pistol containing real bullets, killing the director of photography of the film Halyna Hutchins, and injuring the director Joel Souza. The thesis of the accident is privileged and he is released by the police.

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