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While a second part has just been announced in winter 2022 for “Attack on Titan”, we recommend 5 other anime to watch while waiting to find Eren, Armin and Mikasa. (With Vincent Formica, Clément Cusseau and Thomas Imbert)



In a world where every human being can catch fire at any time, firefighters have become the new superheroes.

If the fireproof suits and the fire hoses are always de rigueur to extinguish the flames, the heroes of the Fire Force fight especially with blows of superpowers, during dantesque clashes, against mysterious enemies.

Served by a breathtaking animation and a masterful soundtrack, this series, which began in 2020 and adapted from the manga of Atsushi Ōkubo, plunges us especially into the twists and turns of a desperate investigation, the goal of which is to stop the end of the world .

Endowed with a humor and a second degree that Attack on Titan is totally devoid of, Fire Force nevertheless approaches SNK for its impressive action scenes and for its atmosphere. epic-calyptic.

Seasons 1 and 2 available on DNA


To all those who consider Death Note’s Light Yagami as the finest strategist from manga culture, Lelouch Lamperouge may well make you rethink your judgment.

In an alternative Japan enslaved by the Holy Empire of Britannia, this young high school student of royal blood swears to kill his father the emperor, responsible for the mutilation of his little sister during an attack. Helpless for many years, everything changes the day Lelouch finds himself, despite himself, involved in a military altercation.

By a combination of circumstances, he is offered a mysterious power that can help him achieve his revenge: the ability to impose his will on anyone who crosses his gaze.

Original anime and winner of around fifteen grand prizes, Code Geass is the perfect blend of science fiction, drama and fantasy. Its flawless script, no downtime, keeps you going from the first episode, until its grandiose finale, renowned in the history of Japanese animation.

Alliances, betrayals, and fierce battles punctuate this political and social conflict, where his anti-hero, a tactical genius, seems ready to do anything to bring peace back to his country. A real nugget of psychological thriller that would convince even the most reluctant to the mech genre.


Published since February 2020 in France by Ki-oon editions, Jujutsu Kaisen was the anime event of the year! Gege Akutami’s work was featured in Weekly Shônen Jump magazine before being published in bound volumes. In Japan, the manga has already sold 25 million copies! The craze is such that a film will soon see the light of day: Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

This dark fantasy story featuring demons and exorcists is very exciting, benefiting from a remarkable dynamism, especially in its combat phases! The animated adaptation is produced by studio Mappa (The attack of the Titans season 4) and produced by Sunghoo Park (The God of High School), a guarantee of high quality.

The hero, Yuji Itadori, is as charismatic as he is hilarious. You will also love the secondary characters, the fascinating Satoru Gojo and Megumi Fushiguro. In short, Jujutsu Kaisen, a tasty mix of action, humor and fantasy, is certainly one of the most enjoyable anime of the moment! It is in some ways reminiscent of the masterpiece Devilman Crybaby, which seems to be a notable influence.

Season 1 available in French and French on Crunchyroll


Do not be fooled by appearances ! Beneath its quirky anime airs featuring animals with speech, BEASTARS is a series much deeper than it seems. Taking place in a high school, the protagonists of the anime fall into two categories: herbivores and carnivores.

In rivalry, the two groups of students nevertheless cohabit peacefully until the day a student is found brutally murdered. Then begins an investigation on campus, as the true nature of each other will gradually be revealed.

Exciting in its narrative construction, BEASTARS is a work as poignant as it is complex. The protagonists’ animal drives are an obvious metaphor for sexual arousal and the physical change that takes place in adolescence. Guilty ideal because of his wolf nature, the protagonist Legoshi is presented to us as a being in perdition, dominated by impulses that he can no longer contain.

The first season of the animated series BEASTARS can be found exclusively on Netflix (his manga is also available from the publisher Ki-oon).


It is without a doubt one of the animes that will have marked the decade! Sacred best series at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards in 2019, then declared the second best-selling saga in the world and now ranked number 1 at the Japanese box office, Demon Slayer has not ceased to be talked about since its serial adaptation!

Become a staple among the shônen, we follow the adventures of Tanjiro Kamado, a very young demon hunter, in search of answers after the massacre of his family. Accompanied by his cursed little sister, and his friends, the fearful Zenitsu and the atypical Inosuke, he goes in search of the demon responsible for the death of his relatives.

Transported within the Taisho Era, following the initiatory journey of this fine team captivates us as much for its superb quality of animation, as for the originality of its approach to the genre. Its emotional sequences and its superbly animated saber fights are the strength of this fantastic work.

Critically acclaimed, the series has just been renewed for a second season, while its film, The Infinity Train, breaks all records in terms of revenue. While waiting for the reopening of cinemas and the arrival of new episodes, you can re (discover) Demon slayer in original version and in french version on Wakanim.

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