Which stars of Hollywood's golden age are still alive?  - Cinema News

Which stars of Hollywood’s golden age are still alive? – Cinema News

reveals. A year later, it is the consecration with the cult Disney film

, where he embodies the character of chimney sweep Bert. He then illustrated himself in comedies such as

(1968), also starring in the cult TV program that bears his name, the


Mary Poppins Trailer OV


Angela Lansbury makes her film debut playing a good ingenuous in the thriller psychological Haunting of George Cukor, then illustrated in The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Highly in demand, she plays in big Hollywood productions such as L’Enjeu by Frank Capra, with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, La Pluie qui chante, Bel Ami and Les Trois Mousquetaires. The one who played for Cecil B. DeMille in the epic Samson and Delilah and John Frankenheimer in A Crime in the Head would later become a star on the boards of Broadway. But it was thanks to the small screen that she rose to international fame with the role of novelist / detective Jessica Fletcher in the crime series Arabesque.

The trailer for the “Arabesque” series:

Arabesque Trailer VF


Eva Marie Saint marks the spirits since 1954 by giving the reply to Marlon Brando in Sur les quais d’Elia Kazan, a performance that won her the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Five years later, she obtains her second outstanding role: that of a spy torn between love and reason of state in La Mort aux trousses d ‘Alfred hitchcock. The one who notably starred in the feature films Exodus and Grand Prix also played the character of Martha Kent, Superman’s mother, in the 2006 Superman Returns.

The trailer for “Death on the Trail”:

Death on the Track Trailer Restored 2014 VOST


Nehemiah Persoff is the dean of cinema! One of his first roles is as a taxi driver in worship On the docks, in 1954. Subsequently, the American actor turns for the greatest, ofAlfred hitchcock (The False Culprit) to Anthony Mann (Cote 465) via Michael Curtiz (Les Comancheros). But it’s in front of the camera of Billy Wilder that he gets his biggest role, that of the mafia boss in Some Like It Hot. Nehemiah Persoff, who would play much later in Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ and the comedy Twins alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, also enjoyed a rich career on the small screen, including roles in The Untouchables and The Mysteries of the West.

Mafia Chief Nehemiah Persoff in “Some Like It Hot”:


Dean of the seventh art, Marsha Hunt appeared in a number of popular films between the end of the 1930s and the beginning of the 1950s, including The Devil’s City, The Forgotten, Pride and Prejudice, The Valley of Judgment, Brute Market or even Sacred spring. Victim of McCarthyism and “blacklisted”, the American actress then worked a lot for television (Alfred Hitchcok Presents, The Fourth Dimension, The Iron Man, Police Story …) and returned to the cinema late, with in particular a role in the feature film Johnny Goes To War (1971).

Wild side

Marsha Hunt alongside John Ireland in Anthony Mann’s “Bullshit”.

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