Which Hairstyle Is Best For Oval Face For Male

As we all know, hairstyles play a significant role in our overall appearance and personality. It can make or break the way we look. Ideally, our hairstyles should complement our face shape and accentuate our best features. Oval face shape is one of the most common face shapes found in men. If you have an oval face, you are blessed with the perfect face shape as almost any hairstyle can work for you. However, here we will guide you through which hairstyle is best for an oval face for a male.

Before we dive into the world of hairstyles, let’s first understand what an oval face shape is. Oval face shapes are typically longer than they are wide with a slightly curved jawline. The cheekbones are set high, and the forehead is slightly wider than the chin. Oval face shapes are generally considered to be the most versatile face shapes as they can rock almost any hairstyle and look good on them. However, you still need to understand which hairstyles will complement your face shape the most.

Here are the best hairstyles for an oval face shape for a male:

1. Short Buzz Cut: A short buzz cut is a classic no-nonsense hairstyle that never goes wrong. This hairstyle is perfect for those who are looking for a low maintenance and straightforward look. The buzz cut highlights the jawline and cheekbones, which is perfect for oval face shapes.

2. Side Parting: A side parting is one of the most iconic and timeless hairstyles that you can never go wrong with. It is ideal for men with oval faces as it adds dimension and depth to the face shape. The side parting also complements the forehead and cheekbones while adding a sharpness that enhances the overall look.

3. Undercut: Undercut is a trendy and modern hairstyle that adds a lot of dimension and texture to the hair. It is a perfect fit for those who have oval face shapes as it adds height and volume to the forehead, which complements the overall appearance.

4. Pompadour: Pompadour is a classic hairstyle that has been around for decades. However, with modern variations, it has become a recent trend among men. Pompadour adds volume and height to the hair, which can be ideal for oval face shapes as it creates a well-balanced look.

5. Fringe: Fringe is a universal hairstyle that can be customized according to your preferences. It is perfect for men with oval face shapes as it enhances the forehead and adds depth to the face. A fringe can add a soft touch, which balances the sharpness of the face shape.

6. Slicked Back Hair: Slicked-back hair is a classic and sophisticated hairstyle that can never go out of style. It is ideal for oval face shapes as it complements the high cheekbones and defines the jawline. The hairstyle also adds height to the forehead, which enhances the overall appearance.

7. Long Wavy Hairstyle: Long wavy hairstyles are another option for men with oval face shapes. This hairstyle adds volume and texture to the hair, which complements the face shape. The long wavy hairstyle works well with the cheekbones and chin, which balance the length of the face shape.


1. Can oval face shapes look good with a bald head?
Yes, oval face shapes can look excellent with a bald head. However, it is essential to have a well-maintained and groomed look because a bald head can bring out the sharpness of an oval face shape.

2. Which oval face shape hairstyle is perfect for business meetings?
A slicked-back hairstyle or a side-parting hairstyle is ideal for business meetings as they present a professional and sophisticated look.

3. Can men with oval face shapes grow a beard?
Yes, men with oval face shapes can grow a beard. However, you should avoid heavy and bushy beards as they can overpower the overall appearance. A well-groomed and maintained beard is ideal for an oval face shape.

4. Which oval face shape hairstyle is perfect for sports activities?
A short buzz cut or an undercut hairstyle is perfect for sports activities as they are low maintenance and do not require constant attention.


In summary, men with an oval face shape are blessed with a versatile face shape that can rock almost any hairstyle. When choosing a hairstyle, it is essential to consider your personality, face shape, and personal preference. We hope this guide has helped you in choosing the perfect hairstyle for your oval face shape. Remember, groomed and well-maintained hair can enhance your overall appearance and boost your confidence.

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