“Did you bring your mask? How about masks for the kids?” The latter is becoming a daily, if not houy, question being asked around the country, and the world. As masks become an integral part of everyday life for most, if not all of us, they also find themselves on to the faces (and in the backpacks) of our youngsters.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that all children above the age of two should wear masks. But which masks should one buy and where to get them? Not every pharmacy or shop sells kid-specific masks, and trying to fit adult masks on to kids’ faces is problematic (both in safety and getting the kids to wear them). The Dallas-based online retailer Honest PPE has kids mask in stock and ready to ship, including a kids’ KN95 mask, and kids’ three-ply mask, both of which are reliable and effective when it comes to filtering out unwanted particles and germs.

The CDC has said that “Face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus — particularly when used universally within a community setting.” The three-ply masks and KN95 masks for kids are a way you and your children can adhere to this advice. Unlike a cloth mask, you can’t wash and reuse it for weeks, your kids can re-wear a KN95 mask outside of professional healthcare settings. Following guidelines for proper storage, maintenance, and taking it on and off, your kids keep these masks in their bags, or you can stash them by the front door, or in your car, and use the same one for a few days at a time. They’re affordable, too.

The three-ply face masks offered by Honest PPE fit securely on kids’ faces, ages 5-12, and are comfortable, safe, and dependable.  They’re built with elastic ear hooks to ensure security, and ease of placement and removal.  Importantly, the most inner of the three layers is constructed of super-soft facial tissue, with the goal of keeping your kids’ skin free of irritation, as well as keeping them comfortable, so they actually keep the mask on their face.  The next layer has a high-density filter and is made of safety standard materials.  The third layer is made of a hydrophobic non-woven material. Together, they vastly limit the number of droplets (the tiny bits of spit that carry germs like the novel coronavirus) that can make their way between kids’ mouths and the world, by 95%.  Each mask comes individually wrapped, they’re odorless, and they also protect your kids from air particles, pollutants, and allergens (like those from pets).  The masks are FDA and CE registered, which means that they meet the standards of the regulatory agencies for the United States and Europe, respectively.  These disposable face masks cost $0.45 each when you buy a pack of 20.

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Next to an N95 mask, the KN95 is really the best thing. And that’s true for kids as well. Both the CDC and healthcare manufacturer 3M view the KN95 mask as a “suitable replacement” for the N95 mask. Like the three-ply, this mask is officially disposable, but you can use it more than once as long as you and your kids adhere to proper care and application and removal techniques.>

The masks are constructed with five layers of protection including two premium quality melt-blown layers (a process that creates the thinnest but most protective fabric). The fabric isn’t woven, which makes it more breathable, skin-friendly, which is super helpful with kids. The elastic straps (that go around your ears) will keep the mask in place and make it easy to place and remove. They also come in three colors — white, blue, and pink — so your kids will have options.

The mask has a KN95 rating that adheres to regulatory standards set by the National Institute of Occupation Safety and Health (NIOSH). To meet this qualification, it must be capable of filtering at least 95% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, which means it can easily catch the droplets that carry the coronavirus into the air. They’re FDA and CE registered as well.  The masks come individually wrapped and are $12 each when you buy a pack of 20.

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