When Did You Realize Your Friends Didn’t Really Like You? Here’s What People Said.

It’s always a HUGE bummer when you realize that the people you’re supposed to be friends with don’t really like you all that much.

But it happens, folks…

And today we’re gonna hear from AskReddit users about their experiences.

Take a look.

“Got pretty sick and was in the hospital for a week.

Not one of my friends in a small group (of supposedly close friends) reached out to see if I was getting better. They never visited, didn’t even so much as get a text from them. We hung out almost daily for the past two years and they knew I was in the hospital.

When I finally got better I decided it was time to get some new friends.”

“Had a tangential friend group. They were fine people and I was new to the city.

Bought a boat and all of a sudden we’re BEST FRIENDS. The immediate rise to central friend made me step back and go “yah no.”

So when I took notice of when I wasn’t invited to normal day to day stuff in the group like concerts and dinners versus when the Thursday flurry of texts came in about the weekend on the boat.

I distanced myself.”

“I became friends with a group of women my own age, mid 20s, through a mutual friend we all shared and I thought we were getting along really well. We would meet up at least once a week and do dinner and movies at one of our homes, I was invited to weddings, hosted baby showers, we all belonged to the same social media group and chatted constantly.

Then gradually I started noticing I was no longer being invited to things. I would show up at an event and be totally out of the loop as far as major life changes were concerned and no one would bother telling me anything or filling me in. I then found out through that mutual friend that the group had gotten tired of me and instead of saying anything they had created a new social media group without me and were just waiting for me to take the hint and leave them alone.

So I did. I stopped trying to stay connected and just let the four years of friendship d**.

I saw them all at that mutual friends wedding recently and tried to have a casual conversation, catch up and everything, but not a single one of them even looked at me or said a word to me. I felt really stupid and confused as I stood in a group with them but was completely ignored. I eventually wandered off.”

“They all told me they had canceled their plans to go to a lake over the weekend.

I found out they actually went, and had replaced me with someone else through Snapchat stories.”

“My “best friend” moved out of state for college. She came back to visit but told me she was too busy for anything but family.

A month later, a mutual friend asked why I wasn’t at the party she threw. Every single other person in our friend group was invited. Still not sure why I wasn’t.”

“The day I was informed that my presence wasn’t necessary for the annual Christmas party.

After I had spent what little money I had made that year into presents for the friends that I thought were supportive of me.

I still have the presents.”

“When I invite them all to my birthday and nobody arrived.

Turns out, they got together elsewhere that same day and just decided as a group not to show up.”

“Started getting excluded as I was single, no kids, didn’t own a house and liked to travel.

My friends wives didn’t feel I fit. So made sure I wasn’t invited to anything. Apparently I was a bad influence. Friends of 15 years being so easily influenced.

Found a new group of friends now. Old ones reached out to me not long ago. Told them to f**k off.”

“I spent my free time over a fall and winter helping a friend restore a fishing boat (25’ish Mako).

Sanding old rough fiberglass (this is agonizing work by the way, you have to have all of your skin covered, goggles, respirator, gloves or the fibers inbed in your skin.) Putting down new fiberglass. Sanding that smooth.

Priming, painting, gel coating. Lacing a new canvas onto the T-top. Guess who didn’t get invited on the first trip. Yup. We don’t speak anymore.”

“I was sitting at the lunch table with them and they were talking.

It then dawned on me that they never talked to me during lunch or reached out to me during break.

I was basically following them around like a stupid lost puppy all the time while they couldn’t care less.”

“I remember one Monday in high school I sat down in the cafeteria with my friends and we start talking about how our weekend was.

Friend #1 mentions a Will Ferrell movie he saw. I ask if it was funny and he tells me one of the scenes he really liked.

Friend #2 chimes in to say “Remember the scene where…?” and recounts another hilarious moment. They both laugh in agreement.

“Oh, you saw the movie, too?” I ask and friend #2 confirms.

Then friend #3 says: “And remember when friend #4 threw up from food poisoning!” and everyone laughs — including friend #4, who had no shame.

That’s when I realized: they all went together and I was never invited. Unfortunately, I developed quite a bit of shame.”

“I didn’t get the little going away party at work.

It’s a silly thing, but it was a close, friendly workplace and when people would quit they’d set up cheap little themed decorations from the office printer and add some other funny stuff about the person that was leaving.

I brought a cake and it was fine and I know my coworkers didn’t dislike me, but I guess everyone sort of forgot about me because I’m not the most expressive person. I was sad I never got my themed decorations. I worked there for two years.”

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