WhatsApp is working on bringing message reactions feature to chats

Message reactions feature to chats: At the moment, you can only reply to a WhatsApp message by sending a follow-up message. Although you can send a follow-up message, or reply with an audio message, it is not possible to respond quickly and easily on WhatsApp.

  • WhatsApp is currently working to bring message responses to its chat app.
  • This feature will allow users to reply directly to messages with emojis.
  • It is not clear when the feature will be available on beta or stable channels.

Message reactions feature to chats

According to WABetaInfo feature tipter, WhatsApp is currently working to bring message reactions to the platform. The feature is not yet available but it appears likely that it will mirror the reaction functionality of Signal. Users will be able send “reactions,” which could take the form of emoticons, to new messages. Users would have an alternative method to express their feelings about a statement, without having to send a reply.

Message reactions feature to chats
Message reactions feature to chats

Users with older versions of WhatsApp will not be able receive responses, as was the case with the View Once feature. Instead, they will be prompted to update their app version.

Although message reactions are a minor addition, they can be very useful in certain situations. Group chats can be overwhelmed by multiple replies from many users. A message response could be an alternative to reduce clutter. It can be implemented quickly and could help you to respond faster to messages when you are occupied or have a tight time frame.

WhatsApp messages reactions: When will this feature be available?

WhatsApp’s message reactions are not yet clear. Users can also respond with any Emoji. Details are still unknown. The feature is likely to languish in beta builds, so don’t expect to see any message reactions on your device anytime soon.

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